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Sugar, Patissier & Chocolatier, Feature Diverse Chiffon Cake and Pastry Products

A cup of tea, sweet canapes and financier

A cup of tea, sweet canapes and financier

Starting a business from a garage in the area Dadali, Duo, on 2013 rapidly growing, make Gitta Angelina decided to set up a booth pastry shop dengan nama Sweet Pastry & Chocolatier in mid 2015.

Creation pastry classical to modern, arranged neatly in showcase is a mainstay Sucre. Armed with experience in education at Le Cordon Bleu, Sidney during 2 ½ years, Gitta process for each product the taste of customers.

Flavor Variety Chiffon Cake

Serving Pastry, red velvet cupcakes, macaroon, panacotta

Serving Pastry, red velvet cupcakes, macaroon, panacotta

Down immediately served as pastry chef Sugar, Gitta serves chiffon cake as a product signature. Variety of flavors chiffon The much sought after customers Sucre, which is pandan, cheese, orange, and strawberry.

Taste Scones, Hold, Quiche Classical

Not only presents a wide chiffon, Sweet juga menyediakan sajian sweet & savory sofa for various events such as birthdays, wedding, and a number of other events that can be tailored to customer demand.

diverse pastry also available, like hold and quiche to scone. For scone, Gitta presents plain scone with strawberry jam and cream as kondimennya.

As for hold, Gitta present chocolate tart and fruit tart. Fruit tart-it has a fruit topping, like blueberry, pieces of dragon fruit, kiwi, and strawberry.

various pastry favorit lainnya di Sweet, includes red velvet cupcake, sandwich, panna cotta with passion fruit jelly given, dan coconut pannacotta yolk mango puree. Moreover, also available macaron with blackcurrant and strawberry fields, as well as the madeleine classic pastry.

Tea brewed from local and international Brand

Sucre is also available in a wide dish of tea of ​​various brand Local and International. Type of tea that have adapted to the type pastry provided.

Some brand yang yang digunakan Sweet, among which are Dilmah, Heirlome, and Havilla Tea. While this type of tea provided include Earl Grey, Jasmine, English Breakfast, Chamomile, and much more. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine August Issue 2016.

Author : Ronald Setiadi

Photographers : Idcham Rahadian Son

Street Pages East 3, Duo

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Peacock Lounge, Unique and luxurious dish Afternoon Tea

Box-shaped leather-lined drawer

Box-shaped leather-lined drawer

Located on the lobby floor of the hotel Fairmont Jakarta, Peacock Lounge comes with the concept of classic-style décor and modern rooms are elegant and luxurious by promoting grain afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea Set its present luxurious and unique use box shaped drawer with three compartments plated leather. Inside each compartment arranged such diverse offerings assorted canapes/open mini sandwiches, scones and madeleine, to fruit tartlet and lemon cake.

Afternoon Tea Set

Red themed afternoon tea set

Red themed afternoon tea set

Assorted canapes/open mini sandwiches-Her arranged in the middle compartment, comes in several variants, like toasted bread with sliced beef topping and so on.

Scones flavored butter in the bottom compartment served with lemon curd, berries jam, and cream. There is Madeleine fresh lemon scented in the same compartment.

Assorted petit four, cake, glasses dessert to assorted pralines at the top of the dominant red, looks unappetizing. According to Chef Sapto Wibowo, fortnightly, the variety of products for the Afternoon Tea Set will be replaced. "With so, customers who visit the Peacock Lounge is quickly becoming bored,"Chef Sapto Wibowo end the conversation. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine August Issue 2016.

Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya

Jl. Asia Africa No.. 8 Bung Karno, South Jakarta

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