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Pao Pao Liquor Bar & Dim Sum, Fresh Made Dim Sum & Pao

Pao Pao Liquor Bar & Dimsum Interior

Pao Pao Liquor Bar & Dimsum Interior

Carrying the concept of a mix of restaurants and bars serving casual Chinese food, especially dim sum is also a wide range of alcoholic beverages, be a concept promoted by Pao Pao Liquor Bar & Dim Sum.

Di sisi menu, restaurant which is open every day from the start at 5 This afternoon presents Steamed Dim Sum Platter and Fried Dim Sum Platter being featured menu. Seasonal Asian inspired cocktails were presented in the book menu, complements the diverse spirits and liquors.

Pao Salted Egg

Pao Salted Egg

Steamed Dim Sum Featured

Besides Dim Sum Platter, there is 13 menu steamed Dim Sum day 8 menu fried dim sum, and 2 baked dim sum served in Pao Pao. Some of the featured menu of types steamed dim sum, includes Siu Mai, her Gau, Char Siu Bao, Salted Egg Pao, dan Jiaozi Crystal Shrimp.

Har Gau ala Pao Pao had dim sum sufficient skin thickness, not too thin but not too thick. Stuffing shrimp were wrapped in oriental spices were mild and fit the taste, tasted fresh with a sweet taste of shrimp are naturally.

Participated include Salted Egg Pao menu that currently back the much-loved dim sum lovers and pao, further complement the variety of dim sum abundant flavors in Pao Pao. Pao texture that is more dense, but soft, blends nicely with stuffing salty savory egg custard sweet. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine October Issue 2016.

Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya

Jl. No Senopati,16 South Jakarta

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Dim Sum Inc, Fresh Made Dim Sum with Service 24 Jam


Salted Egg Pao

Established in June 2011, Dim Sum Inc. highlighting the concept of alloy menu of Asian and Western flavors with signature product such as dim sum menu recycle themselves in a central kitchen, with restaurant service 24 jam.

Lo Mai Gai

Lo Mai Gai

Serve Steamed & Fried Dim Sum

Some steamed dim sum favorites, like Shiu May, Chicken Feet, Dao Sa Pao, Jiaozi Dumpling, her Gau, Lo Mai Gai, and Salted Egg Pao to be part of the dim sum menu favorite Dim Sum Inc.. Dim Sum Inc. also serves Fried Dim Sum, seperti Mayo Prawn Dumpling, Fried Mantao, Fried Durian, and so forth.

Assorted Steamed Dim Sum Favorite

Har Gau-style Dim Sum Inc. has a thin skin dim sum with shrimp stuffing savory spiced minced minimal so that the natural sweetness of the shrimp terjejak well.

Caucasian dim sum is the same used on Dumpling Jiaozi which appear attractive with a blend of contents, were also present on the surface of the dim sum, like minced shrimp, chopped vegetables, and chopped shiitake mushrooms.

Following the trend of Salted Egg Pao is back in demand market, Dim Sum Inc. also serve, but with good black contrasted with salted egg yolk custard stuffing her. Tekstur salted egg yolk custard-nya padat, but soft and rich distinctive flavor savory salted egg yolk.

Pairing Dim Sum dengan Beer

Assorted dim sum in Dim Sum Inc. are advised to be enjoyed with beer according to the concept that combines Dim Sum Inc. east & west flavour. However, Dim Sum Inc. also provides a number of other beverage menu, such as a variety of coffee and tea drinks, fresh juice, organic vegetable juice, and so on. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine October Issue 2016.

Author : Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

Plaza Festival Lower Ground Jl. HR. Available Said, Central Jakarta

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