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Gaia Tea & Cakes, Indonesian Premium Tea

Afternoon Tea Set

Afternoon Tea Set

"Tea Collection Gaia comes from the best tea plantations in Indonesia. In choosing diverse tea leaf this best, we assisted Tea Specialist and Public Speaker in diverse tea events, namely Ratna Somantri, who became a consultant Gaia,"Zack Zakaria Hamzah, COO Gaia Tea & Cakes open a conversation.

Zack explained if Gaia Tea & Cakes not only offers a variety of tea leaf which has been packaged in attractive packaging designed course, but also diverse tea drink, cakes, and afternoon tea set.

West Java Silver Needles Tea

West Java Silver Needles Tea


West Java Silver Needles & Indonesian Green Tea

West Java is one of the Silver Needles tea leaf featured in Gaia, besides Indonesian Green Tea and some types tea leaf Other.

in kind green tea-new, No Indonesian Genmaicha, Indonesian Sencha, dan West Java Gunpowder Green Tea.

West Java Gunpowder Green Tea which has tasting note vegetal and medium astringency, by Zack, coming from one plantation in West Java, which has the quality of exports to some European countries and Morocco.




Uniquely Indonesian Beauty

Indonesian Beauty become one variant tea leaf were also seeded Gaia who have tasting note a little vegetable, sweet after taste, and low astringency. Indonesian Beauty is plucked from the tea plantations in the Mist Mountain, West Java.

According to Zack, Indonesian Beauty is a local version of the Oriental Beauty Tea (Dongfang Meiren), known unique and well-known in Taiwan. Tea leaves grown without pesticides to attract insects (green leafhopper) came to the plantation area. More info can you get in the August edition of the magazine BARECA 2016.

Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Idcham Rahardian Men

Jl. Kemang Raya No.27A South Jakarta

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chocolate Ndalem, Proudly Introducing Chocolate Flavor Indonesia


Chocolate Product Range Ndalem

Chocolate Product Range Ndalem

Have the same joy in consuming chocolate, make a husband and wife, Wednes Ari Yuda and Meika Hazim initiative to create a distinctive chocolate creations Indonesia. Chocolate Ndalem is the name carried by both using raw materials 100% brown seeds in the country.

Regular Product

Chocolate products fall into two categories Ndalem, Regular and Premium. to category regular, Meika presents a number of variants chocolate bar with packaging that has meaning and depiction of the resulting flavor of the product.

The first variant is the Classic which is divided into three options, Extra Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, dan Milk Chocolate. All three represent and feel of Chocolate Ndalem packed with typical batik from Yogyakarta packaging used in the wedding ceremony procession in Java.

Indonesia Coffee, representing Rasa Indonesia

Indonesia Coffee, representing Rasa Indonesia

Combination with Traditional Drinks

Wealth coffee beans from Indonesia are also not spared included in variants regular. According Meika, wrapped in packing the dance area of ​​origin coffee beans used, Indonesia coffee which has 6 product selection, is favored markets of several cities in Central Java to Jakarta.

Bean To Bar

A name that was carried by Meika when introducing premium products from Chocolate Ndalem. Products prepared Meika on 2015 This composition is obtained in the form of cocoa beans directly from the farmers of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

These products were presented with a number of variants ranging from range 42% to 100%. According Meika, This product uses single origin, without including cocoa butter and do not use sugar, but sugar ants coming from the area of ​​Kulon Progo. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine August Issue 2016.

Jl. bhayangkara Nthe. 23, Yogyakarta

Author : Raka Pradipta

Photographers : Idcham Rahadian Son

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Citrus Lee Restaurant, Serving French-Asian creations with Taste Classy

Wild Mushroom Saute Vinaigrette Caramel Beets Orange

Wild Mushroom Saute Vinaigrette Caramel Beets Orange

It never occurred previously by Sedjahtera Hendry tried to plunge in the culinary world as it is today. Men born in Malang this claim was not interested to follow the footsteps of his grandfather and father who have a business restaurant Malang is famous in the Dragon Phoenix Restaurant.

Passion-Her in the culinary world began to grow, time of year 2000 Hendry moved to Paris for two years to study French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu.Karirnya in the culinary industry began when he was working in one restaurant in France.

To provide the maximum experience of eating food standards International restaurant to consumers, he was directly involved in the selection of raw material to the preparation of the menu.


Menu Fusion French dan Asia

Canadian Lobster Roasted Bearnaise Sauce

On the menu, There are some excellent menus starting from appetizer, main course, dessert, to beverages. One of them is the Canadian Lobster on menu main course.

Besides Canadian Lobster, There are menus that use processed food other sea, like Crab Espuma. This menu uses crab meat made into soup by using a special method to produce nitrogen application foam at the top.

Crab Espuma is presented with several other menus in one portion such as Parma Ham Grain Mustard Apple (made from the hamstrings pork with dried and preserved) dan Escargot confit Sesame Parmesan.

Dish Dessert Classical

There is a grain dessert classic favorites in Citrus Lee, seperti Cream Brulee, Chocolate Cake, New York Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Cake, dan Black Forest Cake. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine July Issue 2016

Author & Photographers : Ronald Setiadi

Jl Kutai No.. 12, Surabaya

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THE EXCHANGE, Processing of Materials Fresh cuisine in Singapore's Central Business Center

8 Marina View, #01-05, Asia Square Tower 1 Singapore

Located in the Central Business District, Asia Square Tower, Singapore, restaurant This is indeed an interesting strategically located among young people up to the executive offices that want to enjoy the fine culinary quality.

Fusion Australian-Asian Based

As restaurant International, THE EXCHANGE attention to taste and segmentation of consumers in Singapore. To meet the tastes of the, concept menu offered is Australian-Asian fusion Based.

Fresh Fish Menu Featured

Some menu mainstay presented in restaurant The one category, namely Salad and Salmon Sashimi Tuna Salad. According to Joan Elaine Chiang, Junior Sous Chef THE EXCHANGE or familiarly called Chef Joan, raw material selection menu with fresh fish is a favorite food of the people of Singapore.

Pan Seared Sea Bass

Pan Seared Sea Bass

Featured on the main menu that uses fresh fish other menu contains sea bass. This menu uses sea bass from a farm near the area of ​​Batam, Indonesia with quality standards.

Not only menu with fresh fish raw materials, seeded, but fresh shrimp dish is also served in restaurant taking the concept of decoration old culture and modern style this. The use of fresh shrimp are presented on the menu Prawn Aglio Olio Linguini.

Modernized Warm Cherry Chocolate Lava Cake

Modernized Warm Cherry Chocolate Lava Cake

Dessert, main dish Chocolate Lava Cake

For dessert, Chef Joan merekomendasikan Modernised Warm Cherry Chocolate Lava Cake khas restaurant this. In the Chocolate Lava Cake grain types using chocolate crumble on topping, manjari chocolate, and sour cherry as filling-new. As for serving consort added pieces of fruit blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and sour cherry ice cream.

Innovation to Change Menu Variety

As a way of giving a different experience, THE EXCHANGE provide diverse innovative new menus to consumers. The menu changes done every 6 months starting from the menu a la carte, bar, snack up breakfast. More info can you get in the magazine BARECA May Edition 2016.

Author : Ronald Setiadi

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

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