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Epic Coffee, Variety of options Serving Coffee Accompanying Light Meal

Blending a coffee shop the industrial concept along with a gallery of furniture is a unique blend carried by Epic Coffee. In addition to enjoying a cup of coffee, consumers can also see various works of furniture made by a number of artisans in the country.

Mainstay Epic Cappuccino Coffee

Mainstay Epic Cappuccino Coffee

Local stretcher Coffee Beans

Types of coffee beans that are used in each dish of Epic Coffee comes from several regions in Indonesia, such as Aceh, Bali, up to Malabar. Because it is considered a lot of advantages and suited to the taste

Homeland community-described Bramono, the reason of coffee shop standing on 2013 prefers using local coffee beans.

To complement every dish menu dikreasikan, Bramono also insert 2 the type of coffee bean imports, namely Panama and Ethiopia. According to, both types of coffee beans that produces characters (aroma and flavor) different according to the standard Epic Coffee.

Espresso Based

Type espresso based still the favorite choice of consumers in Epic Coffee, like capuccinno. But according Bramono, varian house blend has begun sought by some consumers as some of the menu creations from Epic Coffee covering Mozaic, Metis, and Scarlet which combines several local coffee beans & outer.

Grill Rosemary Chicken

Grill Rosemary Chicken


Light Meal

As a friend of the beautiful coffee menu, Bramono choose varieties light meal like Epic Nachos served with side dish the form tomato salsa. Spicy and savory taste produced by the increasingly precise accompanying this dish delicious taste of coffee.

Meanwhile, to enjoy Rosemary Chicken Grill will feel complete when accompanied Blueberry Milkshake, which is a variation milkshake which in-blend with blueberry fresh. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine July Issue 2016.

Author : Raka Pradipta

Photographers : Idcham Rahadian Son

Jl. Theater Students' Army Km 7,5 No.29, Sleman, Yogyakarta

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Cultivar Coffeehouse, Serve Drink Coffee with Freshness Gelato and Sorbet

bring atmosphere industrial on the concept of interior without compromising comfort, a priority at Cultivar Coffeehouse. Serving coffee drinks and some food typical of Indonesia and foreign countries into the concept presented menu.

Industrial display of Cultivar Coffee House

Industrial display of Cultivar Coffee House

Rely on Local Coffee Featured

To drink coffee, This coffee shop use house blend which combines local coffee beans of which are typical sour taste of coffee Bali Kintamani, full body of Toraja, and sweet from Lintong. Election house blend the beans are selected for general tailored to the tastes of consumers in Bandung.

Besides house blend Also available choice single origin of some regions such as Papua coffee beans, Bali Kintamani, Aceh Gayo, Flowers, and Bengkulu Mangkuraja.

provide Multiple Manual Brew

Following the trend of consumers who are beginning to enjoy the cup of coffee with the method manual brew, These outlets have a choice of methods such as V60, Syphon, Aeropress, etc..

Selection manual brew This according Sadiqah girl or familiarly called Girl is a way to give experience to consumers who want to feel the taste of the different coffee.

DSC_3454Serving Gelato and Sorbet

Mixolato a brand which produces gelato and sorbet and enliven the dish dessert Cultivar Coffeehouse. Willy Gunawan as the owner Mixolato Gelato work with the owners Cultivar market Coffeehouse homemade gelato and sorbet-new.

For variants gelato, Willy create flavors tailored to tastes of consumers in Bandung. flavors gelato provided a variety of flavors in combination-mix into one product so as to create a harmonious mix and textures creamy.


Fresh Fruit Sorbet selection on

Any use of fresh fruit sorbet in applications tailored to harvest the fruit, so some fruit flavor is not any time for sale. "I offer seasonal fruit adapted to the fruit season. However, there are several options fruit flavors every day, always there-showcase such as strawberry and lemon,"Willy concluded. More info can you get in the April edition of the magazine BARECA 2016.


Author : Ronald Setiadi

Photographers : Idcham Rahadian Son

Jalan Sultan Tirtayasa 26, Duo

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