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Sichuan Palace, Feature sensation Typical Spicy Sichuan


All You Can Eat Shabu-Shabu

Sichuan is a province in western China known for a variety of dish with a spicy flavor. Spicy taste sensation is obtained through the use of spices is a major agricultural commodities other than rice and wheat.

Seeing the Indonesian people are fond of eating a spicy dish, Sichuan Palace presence can bring the form of other options and different experience in eating the meal Chinese food.

Fried frog Jintan

Fried frog Jintan

The Real Sichuan

The nickname attached to the Sichuan Palace a number of reasons expressed by Iwan, Marketing of Sichuan Palace. In addition to using raw materials such as spices that comes directly from Sichuan, every dish of this restaurant using the original recipe that has been used since the days of dynasty.

Ikan Bakar Mala

Spices mala become a major component of a number of products Sichuan combined with chilies and other spices. This spice gives the sensation of spicy enough to make every customer dripping with sweat.

One of the flagship products of Sichuan that uses mala is the Ikan Bakar Mala. In this dish, customers can choose the types of fish such as grouper, carp and tilapia that will be consumed with tofu, cucumber, and mushroom.

Chongqing Style

A region that also inspired several menus of restaurants that has two other branches in Gajah Mada and Taman Anggrek, Jakarta is Chongqing. Some of the menu is the Chicken Sauteed Goat cumin and Chongqing.

Although dominated variant spicy menu by category, Iwan still presents a number of dishes that do not have high levels of spicy as Paikut Soups with Lotus Root.

All You Can Eat Shabu Shabu

The presence of shabu-shabu menu increasingly complement Sichuan dish network. Iwan said, customers can choose the concept "ala carte" or "all you can eat"In eating methamphetamine. Variants of methamphetamine from Sichuan complete enough from different types of meat, various types of vegetables, to a variety of seafood. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine November Issue 2016.

Author : Raka Pradipta

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

Jl. Raya Marina Cordoba, Blok F No. 19, Beautiful Beaches Kapok, Jakarta

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Ming by Tunglok, Cantonese Foods in Modern Presentation


Steak Shrimp with chopped coarse texture that gives a distinctive

Is under the management Tunglok Group of Singapore and became sister company Taipan Restaurant, Mangga Dua Jakarta, Ming restaurant by Tunglok has stood since the year 2008.

Occupying an area of 1.000 square meters with 6 VIP Room, This restaurant comes with elegant interior design. Ming by Tunglok forward the concept of an authentic Cantonese menu, yet presented in a modern presentation.

Steak Shrimp with Black Pepper Sauce Mayo

Accompanied Rose Tjahja, General Manager dari Ming by Tunglok, a menu recommended by the woman who was familiarly called Rose's. Steak Shrimp with Black Pepper Sauce Mayo into the opening menu are included in the menus signature dan favorit Pelanggan Ming by Tunglok.

Steak Shrimp presented in ample portions and made of minced shrimp rough texture that gives a distinctive. With abundant fresh sweet taste of lightly marinated shrimp, This dish is more complete with a fruit salad side dish-new.



Chinese Thick Soup: Soups fishmaw

Soups fishmaw

Soups fishmaw

Fishmaw soup into soup dish recommended, was unique because it uses a mixture of pumpkin in the treatment process. There are slices of fish maw, sliced ​​shiitake mushrooms, and mushroom in thick sup which uses chicken broth.

Main course & Closing Menu Favorites

Red Rice Fried Rice with Seafood and Beef Tenderloin with Sauce Speciality be part of the main menu favorite of visitors Ming by Tunglok.

Red Rice Fried Rice with Seafood appearing in hot stone bowl, where red rice fried rice mixed with chunks of seafood, including scallop and various vegetables. There is no excess savory flavor, but the overall taste is formed with a touch of sweetness and smokey taste special.

Whole Coconut Pudding become one of the favorite dessert menu, where coconut pudding made directly in coconut shells equipped with presentation mango ice cream, making presentations dessert This unique look at the same time closing appetizing meal. More info can you get in the November edition of the magazine BARECA 2016.


Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Idcham Rahadian Son

Senayan City Floor 3 – Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19, Central Jakarta

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Li Feng, Combine the beauty of Art in Serving Delicious

Sauteed Beef with Szechuan Pepper and Chili

Sauteed Beef with Szechuan Pepper and Chili

Li Feng, or who have a sense of beauty that abound are restaurants serving the beauty of art in every detail of the restaurant to the food being served. With the theme "Has traveled to the South” and inspired by the history of the trade and shipping of spices between China and Batavia, then displayed in art work of painting, glass art, and ceiling lights sculpture.

Serves authentic Cantonese specialties are also served with a touch of both appearance and taste, Chef Loy selaku Executive Chinese Chef di Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta, collaborated with Chef Fei of Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou to present traditional food with a classic look.

Swan Dumpling with Black Papper Duck Meat

Swan Dumpling with Black Papper Duck Meat

Swan Dumpling with Black Papper Duck Meat

Deep-fried dim sum are typical Li Feng is widely booked by the visitors. The unique shape resembles black swan very interesting.

menu options appetizer Equally popular is the Imperial Kung Fu Soup. This soup is made from matsutake mushrooms, cordyceps flower, and dried longan braised with spices. It was served in a teapot and 2 small cup to drink the soup.

Sauteed Beef with Szechuan Pepper and Chili

Beef tenderloin cut these cubes cooked with spices typical Szechuan. For those of you who loved the beef as an option main course, Li Feng will present a taste of tender meat and fresh. Served with slices of red pepper and garlic add flavor typical spicy Szechuan.

Menu menarik lainnya ada Sweet and Sour Chicken with Pinneaple and Bell Pepper. Fillet of chicken meat cooked with sweet and sour sauce which include pineapple and fresh strawberries.

The Signature Dessert

Not only major serves authentic Cantonese specialties, Li Feng also have a restaurant signature dessert, like Blueberry Snow Skin Dumpling shaped like mochi with cream and blueberries in it.

Kemudian ada Chilled Mango with Sago Cream Pomelo dan Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Dumpilng with Frog Jelly and Coconut Milk. More info can you get in the November edition of the magazine BARECA 2016.

Author: Ajeng Ziana Walidah

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta

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Wee Nam Kee, Variety Menu Hainan with Flavors Specialties

15107244_10154652561564030_1838960625586670972_nKnown for products Hainanese chicken rice since 1989 in his home country to stand, Singapore, Wee Nam Kee is now widening its business lines to be present in Indonesia. Not enough to just stand in the increasingly growing, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Wee Nam Kee also established a second outlet in the Mall Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

"Indonesia has a fan Hainan rice is quite a lot and will continue to grow. Moreover, The Wee Nam Kee is present in Indonesia with the feel more comfortable and attractive interior design, but still maintain the quality of food with traditional characteristics,” Steffi Weliani, Marketing of Wee Nam Kee Indonesia reveal the reasons of restaurants already operating one year has chosen to open a branch in Indonesia.


Quality Raw Materials

In an effort to maintain the same quality in every outlet, quality control be strictly enforced in the kitchen Wee Nam Kee. The use of materials with a combination of local and imported for serving dishes tailored to the tastes of the people. It is written in a variety of menus from those restaurants, one of them in the featured menu Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Steffi reveal if Hainanese Chicken Rice of Wee Nam Kee consists of slices of boiled chicken and served with a bowl of rice Hainan and accompanied by a variety of sauces such as chili sauce, onion and ginger sauce.

"The chicken meat that we use are always in a state of fresh and processed to have a soft texture and juicy. Nasi Hainan though we did not forget to taste delicious,"Explains Steffi.

Presentation of chicken meat in the menu can be selected according to the tastes of customers like Mix Roasted Half Chicken and Steamed or Quarter Chicken Soya.


Specialist Menu Hainan

Selain Hainanese Chicken Rice, Wee Nam Kee also has a variant menu featured dishes such as Sambal Noodle combined together with various seafood. For lovers of menu curry Guests can also sample Slice Fish Curry. While Deep Fried and Fried Mantao Flitters can be selected as the opening presentation.

Iced Barley, Dragon Fruit Juice, Lemongrass Iced increasingly complementary to the overall dish of Wee Nam Kee featured as a cover dish. Halal label attached on the restaurant already has a branch in 4 Other countries such as Japan and the Philippines, also can attract people to sample every dish without a doubt Hainan. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine November Issue 2016.

Author : Raka Pradipta

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

The Breeze, Batik 2, L22, BSD, Tangerang

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Dim Sum Inc, Fresh Made Dim Sum with Service 24 Jam


Salted Egg Pao

Established in June 2011, Dim Sum Inc. highlighting the concept of alloy menu of Asian and Western flavors with signature product such as dim sum menu recycle themselves in a central kitchen, with restaurant service 24 jam.

Lo Mai Gai

Lo Mai Gai

Serve Steamed & Fried Dim Sum

Some steamed dim sum favorites, like Shiu May, Chicken Feet, Dao Sa Pao, Jiaozi Dumpling, her Gau, Lo Mai Gai, and Salted Egg Pao to be part of the dim sum menu favorite Dim Sum Inc.. Dim Sum Inc. also serves Fried Dim Sum, seperti Mayo Prawn Dumpling, Fried Mantao, Fried Durian, and so forth.

Assorted Steamed Dim Sum Favorite

Har Gau-style Dim Sum Inc. has a thin skin dim sum with shrimp stuffing savory spiced minced minimal so that the natural sweetness of the shrimp terjejak well.

Caucasian dim sum is the same used on Dumpling Jiaozi which appear attractive with a blend of contents, were also present on the surface of the dim sum, like minced shrimp, chopped vegetables, and chopped shiitake mushrooms.

Following the trend of Salted Egg Pao is back in demand market, Dim Sum Inc. also serve, but with good black contrasted with salted egg yolk custard stuffing her. Tekstur salted egg yolk custard-nya padat, but soft and rich distinctive flavor savory salted egg yolk.

Pairing Dim Sum dengan Beer

Assorted dim sum in Dim Sum Inc. are advised to be enjoyed with beer according to the concept that combines Dim Sum Inc. east & west flavour. However, Dim Sum Inc. also provides a number of other beverage menu, such as a variety of coffee and tea drinks, fresh juice, organic vegetable juice, and so on. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine October Issue 2016.

Author : Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

Plaza Festival Lower Ground Jl. HR. Available Said, Central Jakarta

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Asiatale, Modern stretcher in the South Asian Food Capital

Prawn Siau May

Prawn Siau May

Marak and intense competition that carries restaurants and cafes western food in the southern part of the capital to make a choice against a variety of dishes, especially Asian food quite limited. It is utilized very well by Asiatale, one restaurant serving a variety of dishes modern Asian food.

Penyajian Make It Fun

Penyajian Make It Fun

Getting Started with Chinese Food

Desi, Manager dari Asiatale menuturkan bahwa Asiatale memulai dengan Chinese food which are familiar to the public tongue Capital. However, diverse menu of dishes will be increased by the presence of typical dishes from other Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

"In any process the dishes, we limit the use of artificial flavorings. Meals will also be processed by the order so that the freshness of the raw material and it is maintained ", Desi added explanation.

Asiatale HAR Loving

Dim sum is one of the featured dish of Asiatale. Found BARECA Magazine, Muhammad Noviyanto or familiarly called Novi, Asisten Chef dari Asiatale mengungkapkan, dim sum is often chosen because it is finger food/easy bites so customers can try various types without feeling stuffed.

Novi also added an explanation, that every dim sum Asiatale products made using fresh ingredients and is made on a daily basis and handmade. In fact, every raw material in making dim sum is measured with special scales in order to generate a sense of the appropriate standard of Asiatale.

Tiger Prawn Golden Egg Yolk

in linen Meat and Poultry menu, Five Spice Chicken Binjai is favored because it has a distinctive flavor resulting from the combination of seasoning blend Asiatale with chicken strips that have previously been through the immersion process long enough.

Tiger Prawn Golden Egg Yolk mewakili varian menu seafood unggulan dari Asiatale. Then there Fried Chicken with Sauce Longan favoring savory taste of longan sauce over the chicken pieces. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine October Issue 2016.

Author : Raka Pradipta

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

Jl Suryo No. 15, Jakarta

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