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dessert Cakery, Delectable Sweet Treats for Every Moment

Free Icing & Topping at Icing Booth & Topping Bar

Free Icing & Topping at Icing Booth & Topping Bar

Postre Cakery is a rebranding of the Parish Cake Shop which is known by the slogan "The 1st Decorate-It-Yourself cake shop in Indonesia”. Recognized Nine Wahab, one of the owners Postre Cakery, if the decision rebranding They embody the maturity of the business cake shop-Her influencing the product cake sold.

Best Seller Nastengels Cake

One of best seller cake dari Postre Cakery adalah Nastengels. recognized Nine, when he did a culinary travel to the United States with her sister, Ditta Wahab who is also the owner of Postre, they were both inspired by the expertise of Chef Dominique Ansel known as the creator cronut.

Texture soft sponge cake comes cream filling light becomes the foundation maximum. When eaten, No extra crispy texture of grated cheese on a crispy grilled reminiscent gurihnya Kastengel. Create slick rich flavor.

Moreover, No Pinata Cake, Kitkat, and Neapolitan are a favorite of many customers Postre Cakery because it is often booked for birthday party dish children. As for the other regular cake, provided Banana Fleur De Sel, Lemon Cake, Comfort Cake, dan Chocoreo.



Printed Sugar Paper untuk dekorasi Postcard Cake

Printed Sugar Paper untuk dekorasi Postcard Cake

Customized Decorated Products

Seeing the needs of the market, Postre Cakery still presents customized decorated products, Nine were admitted into a supporting service to its customers. In addition to the type of fondant cake special occasion, There are also decorated cookies which can be decorated using royal icing.

Decorated cookies by theme wedding, for example in the form wedding gown decorated royal icing some customers still interested in Cakery Postre. booking at least 25 pc apply to decorated cookies mentioned. More info can you get in the November edition of the magazine BARECA 2016.

Author : Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

Jl. Kyai Maja No.21, South Jakarta

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Le Novelle Cake, Timeless Taste with Exquisite Details

Decorated Mini Cake dengan Buttercream dan Flowers Gum Paste

Decorated Mini Cake dengan Buttercream dan Flowers Gum Paste

Met in his busy, Miyo Minaki, owner of Le Novelle Cake Jakarta and Bali, said that if Le Novelle Cake is a family business that has been initiated by the Mama since 1992.

Wedding Cake with 5, 7, and 8 third, good full dummy or mixed with the original cake, Miyo recognized many booked by consumers. Personalization design is not just for the wedding cake alone, but are also available for a wide customized cake Other, such as for birthday, engagement, baby shower, and so on.

Desert Table Le Novelle

Desert Table Le Novelle

Timeless Taste with Exquisite Details

"Timeless Taste" one of the elements attached to Le Novelle Cake. Miyo decided to keep serving basic cake with the traditional cake recipes, but has been developed following the needs of its market share. Menurut Miyo, Indonesian people prefer cake texture that remains soft.

There are five basic cake provided at Le Novelle Cake, such as Irish Coffee, American Chocolate, Black Forest, Lemon, dan Cheese. Irish Coffee is becoming best seller-its use as a marble cake basic cake-new.

Detail charming presented from decorations versatile, such as the use of sugar flowers and decorating accents royal icing in a variety of shapes and designs, be a high selling value.

Trend Wedding Cake 2016

Menurut Miyo, wedding cake trend similar to the trend of fashion, which will change over time. Examples theme garden very popular in 2014. Entering the year 2015, trend wedding cake-it brings the use of white and metallic, also use gem stone as a decorating accent. More info can you get in the November edition of the magazine BARECA 2016.


Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya

Showroom (by appointment only): Royal Wedding Gallery, Shangri-La Hotel Shopping Arcade – Jl. Gen.. Sudirman Kav 1 South Jakarta

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