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The house Pudding Cake, Blending Cake with Pudding

Brownies Pudding pudding menu first be offered Debyanita at Home Pudding Cake.

Women who familiarly called Deby established a house Pudding Cake June 2009.

There are various types of pudding in Rumah Pudding Cake. Black Forest Pudding into best-seller pudding. Moreover, available a variety of other such pudding Pudding Snacks Market, tumpeng Pudding, Thai Tea Pudding Cake, until Cendol Pudding Cake.

Black Forest Pudding

Deby use dairy milk up milk as liquid base miscellaneous pudding. For 1 liters of liquid, Deby using a mixture of gelatin powder as 7 g and jelly powder as 3 Article.

Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya

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Roffee’s Melty Pudding, Spreads Supermarket and Café

Roffee's Melty Pudding was founded by Emil in Ciwalk, Duo, December 2015. Until now, Roffee's Melty Pudding already sold in several coffee and 25 supermarket in Bandung.

Emil also has a network reseller to market Roffee's Melty Pudding. Year 2016, Emil ventured bring Roffee's market to Jakarta.

Fifteen feeling soft pudding in cup volume 110 ml are now available in the stores in a rotational system menu. Some of the flavors include Cheddar Cheese Pudding pudding, Cotton Candy Pudding, Green Tea, and Choco Caramel Pudding.

Emil use dairy milk as liquid base pudding. Gelatin powder used in doses less in order to produce texture melt-in-mouth; easily destroyed when eaten.

Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Ratri Dwi Utomo

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Majolica Cakes, Serving You Handpainting Buttercream Cake

“Di Majolica Cakes, we only focus on buttercream cake decorated, but still will continue to explore new creative to media buttercream cake decoration. I will continue to improve its expertise on floral decoration applications and handpainting buttercream,"Drew Debby menjelaskan.Handpainting buttercream cake has become one seed cake decorated in the Majolica Cakes.

3D Buttercream Cake ala Majolica

Debby even once made handpainting buttercream cake themed Balinese Dancer of inspiration painting of a Balinese artist maestro, I Nyoman Gunarsa.Selain it, Debby also had to make buttercream cake themed handpainting batik. Debby admits, there is a great desire to introduce Indonesian culture through the medium of handpainting buttercream cake. Followers social accounts Majolica Cakes that come from a diverse range of countries and cultures, would be able to access photos of the products made Debby.


To base cake, Debby provide 17 base cake. Most of the customers' favorite Majolica Cakes, includes Choco Addict, Mocha Espresso, Luscious Lemon, Klapertaart Cake, and Mocha Rum. For filling cake, Debby using buttercream dairy processed using unsalted butter, which will be tailored to the type of cake that is. As for the cake frosting and decorations, Debby recognizes apply American buttercream prepared from a mixture of unsalted butter and shortening.

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SATOO Deli Shop, An Array of Delicate Cakes & Plated Desserts

Array of Delicate Cakes

Array of Delicate Cakes

Terletak of area yang same dengan SATOO, one of 7 well F&Bs in Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, SATOO Deli Shop menawarkan ragam cakes, pastries, sandwiches, breads, until miscellaneous chocolate pralines premium quality typical five-star hotel.

The Sultan Nougat & Coconut Bounty

The Sultan Nougat & Coconut Bounty

Sultan Nougat & Coconut Bounty

Sultan has a layer of nougat Chocolate Sponge Cake with two kinds mousse, namely Chocolate Mousse and Hazelnut Praline Mousse in-glaze with Chocolate Ganache. Texture mousse when scooped fairly sturdy, but soft and smooth and melted easily when eaten.

Chef Mathias was creative in Coconut Bounty inspired by the unique taste of coconut is mostly found in several countries in Asia, such as Indonesia. Six of its constituent elements is Chocolate Brownies (Base), Crunchy Feuilletine, chocolate element, Coconut Sponge, Coconut Mousse, dan Chocolate Garnish.


White Chocolate Mousse & Plated Dessert

White Chocolate Mousse that was one element in Raspberry White Chocolate Dome, feels best when eaten because the texture is too soft and delicate with a sweet taste that is balanced. Combined with Almond Sponge (Base), Crunchy Feuilletine, and Raspberry Brulee, creating a unique blend of flavors with fresh sour taste inserts.

Dish plated dessert form Pavlova with cream and fruit co-presented and the menu fine dining dessert. Chef Mathias also present Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream as one option dessert of buffet SATOO. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine December Issue 2016.


Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta – Kota BNI Jl. Gen.. Sudirman Kav.1, South Jakarta

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Sana Sini Restaurant, Western Food with a Twist

Smoked Wagyu Brisket

Smoked Wagyu Brisket

Being one of the five outlets F&B in Pullman Jakarta Indonesia, Sana Sini Restaurant ever received award as The Best Buffet Variety versions Now Jakarta! Best Restaurants, Bars and Café Awards 2014 this, offers a culinary sensation of European cuisine-including Western food and also other Asian culinary.

Carrot & Miso Tahini with Nori

Carrot & Miso Tahini with Nori

Western Food with a Twist

Chef Cameron Michael Gardiner, Executive Chef Pullman Jakarta Indonesia, presenting several creations grain buffet nor ala carte, especially to menu Western food with twist special.

Carving Station in this, No variation menu Smoked Wagyu Brisket smoked during 12 jam. Smoked Wagyu Brisket can be enjoyed by mashed potato, Yorkshire pudding, and coca cola juice. “Coca cola jus made from a mixture beef gravy with Coca Cola and cooked up reduce,” chief familiarly called Chef Cameron says.

Menu Carrot with Miso Tahini & Nori attended plating attractive and modern, by forming flavor that will be given twist Asia specially delegated by the Miso Tahini and Nori. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine December Issue 2016.

Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya

Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59 – Central Jakarta

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Sichuan Palace, Feature sensation Typical Spicy Sichuan


All You Can Eat Shabu-Shabu

Sichuan is a province in western China known for a variety of dish with a spicy flavor. Spicy taste sensation is obtained through the use of spices is a major agricultural commodities other than rice and wheat.

Seeing the Indonesian people are fond of eating a spicy dish, Sichuan Palace presence can bring the form of other options and different experience in eating the meal Chinese food.

Fried frog Jintan

Fried frog Jintan

The Real Sichuan

The nickname attached to the Sichuan Palace a number of reasons expressed by Iwan, Marketing of Sichuan Palace. In addition to using raw materials such as spices that comes directly from Sichuan, every dish of this restaurant using the original recipe that has been used since the days of dynasty.

Ikan Bakar Mala

Spices mala become a major component of a number of products Sichuan combined with chilies and other spices. This spice gives the sensation of spicy enough to make every customer dripping with sweat.

One of the flagship products of Sichuan that uses mala is the Ikan Bakar Mala. In this dish, customers can choose the types of fish such as grouper, carp and tilapia that will be consumed with tofu, cucumber, and mushroom.

Chongqing Style

A region that also inspired several menus of restaurants that has two other branches in Gajah Mada and Taman Anggrek, Jakarta is Chongqing. Some of the menu is the Chicken Sauteed Goat cumin and Chongqing.

Although dominated variant spicy menu by category, Iwan still presents a number of dishes that do not have high levels of spicy as Paikut Soups with Lotus Root.

All You Can Eat Shabu Shabu

The presence of shabu-shabu menu increasingly complement Sichuan dish network. Iwan said, customers can choose the concept "ala carte" or "all you can eat"In eating methamphetamine. Variants of methamphetamine from Sichuan complete enough from different types of meat, various types of vegetables, to a variety of seafood. More info you can get in BARECA Magazine November Issue 2016.

Author : Raka Pradipta

Photographers : Hendri Wijaya

Jl. Raya Marina Cordoba, Blok F No. 19, Beautiful Beaches Kapok, Jakarta

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Ming by Tunglok, Cantonese Foods in Modern Presentation


Steak Shrimp with chopped coarse texture that gives a distinctive

Is under the management Tunglok Group of Singapore and became sister company Taipan Restaurant, Mangga Dua Jakarta, Ming restaurant by Tunglok has stood since the year 2008.

Occupying an area of 1.000 square meters with 6 VIP Room, This restaurant comes with elegant interior design. Ming by Tunglok forward the concept of an authentic Cantonese menu, yet presented in a modern presentation.

Steak Shrimp with Black Pepper Sauce Mayo

Accompanied Rose Tjahja, General Manager dari Ming by Tunglok, a menu recommended by the woman who was familiarly called Rose's. Steak Shrimp with Black Pepper Sauce Mayo into the opening menu are included in the menus signature dan favorit Pelanggan Ming by Tunglok.

Steak Shrimp presented in ample portions and made of minced shrimp rough texture that gives a distinctive. With abundant fresh sweet taste of lightly marinated shrimp, This dish is more complete with a fruit salad side dish-new.



Chinese Thick Soup: Soups fishmaw

Soups fishmaw

Soups fishmaw

Fishmaw soup into soup dish recommended, was unique because it uses a mixture of pumpkin in the treatment process. There are slices of fish maw, sliced ​​shiitake mushrooms, and mushroom in thick sup which uses chicken broth.

Main course & Closing Menu Favorites

Red Rice Fried Rice with Seafood and Beef Tenderloin with Sauce Speciality be part of the main menu favorite of visitors Ming by Tunglok.

Red Rice Fried Rice with Seafood appearing in hot stone bowl, where red rice fried rice mixed with chunks of seafood, including scallop and various vegetables. There is no excess savory flavor, but the overall taste is formed with a touch of sweetness and smokey taste special.

Whole Coconut Pudding become one of the favorite dessert menu, where coconut pudding made directly in coconut shells equipped with presentation mango ice cream, making presentations dessert This unique look at the same time closing appetizing meal. More info can you get in the November edition of the magazine BARECA 2016.


Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Idcham Rahadian Son

Senayan City Floor 3 – Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19, Central Jakarta

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