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Provence Bakery, Authentic Japanese Bakery dari Kyoto

Provence Bakery authentic Japanese Bakery coming from Kyoto and has been present in 3 states one of which is Indonesia. Currently, Provence Bakery has added its fifth outlet located in Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta. To maintain authenticity, Provence Bakery serves typical Japanese breads like anpan, Curry Pan, Milk Pan, and Egg Salad.

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Roti Gempol, Bakery Consistent From the Year 1991

Roti Gempol outlets established in 1991 by Lydia Usman. Lydia Usman using bread recipe that formerly made by the mother of Lydia Usman in 1943, in Salatiga, Central Java.

In the year, Usman's mother Lydia often make and sell bread to help the family finances. When it, Mother of Lydia Usman also opened outlets bakery named Lipoor. The ability to make bread was eventually dropped to Lydia Usman.

Along with Usman Lydia's family move to Bandung, in 1968, Lipoor in Salatiga store was closed. In 1991 lah, Lydia Usman decided to open outlets in Jl. East Java no.14 Bandung to sell bread, which eventually became known as Roti Gempol today.

Interior bakery This simple and decorated by various carvings from Papua. Since at 7 morning until 9 night, always smelled fragrant aroma of various types of bread, roti manis, and toast being grilled. For sweet bread flavor variations exist chocolate, cheese, milk, raisins, bananas, banana chocolate, banana cheese, and coffee. His toast options are also fairly diverse.

Assorted Bread

Roti Gempol comes with 5 choice of bread types available are: plain white bread, super white bread, premium white bread, Roti Tawa gandum, wheat bread and oatmeal. Plain white bread with water to make dough, whereas special bread using whole milk, and super white bread using UHT milk. The influence of the use of water or milk election has an impact on the level of sweetness and softness of texture in bread.

For bread bargaining, used high protein flour, while sweetbreads, Roti Gempol using a mixture of high protein flour and are. Assorted bread from the bread made with the method Gempol straight dough in the form of Pullman style and open top.

"The choice of method straight dough because it is more economical and faster process also. for recipes, no new recipes that we use. We keep using family recipes that have been developed for generations, from generation to generation. Perbaikan resep hanya berfokus untuk pengembangan dan memperbaiki tingkat kepadatan roti,"Men, son of Lydia Usman who began to manage Roti Gempol since 2013, says.

Making Process

Every day, Roti Gempol dapat memproduksi sekitar 300-500 pcs bread. The amount includes orders directly from consumers and to be sold in stores.

The process of making bread at the beginning of the weigh Roti Gempol raw materials, helped stir all ingredients with added water or milk. Once mixed evenly, new dough put in a baking dish that has been spread for then fermented until the dough rise for 30 minute.

According to the Son, the development process of bread (proofing) The Roti Gempol do without proofer, given the existing production space temperature warm, so that the dough easier to inflate. While specific to the particular weather like during the rainy season, the dough is no longer covered with a damp cloth, because the temperature is quite humid.

"In the hotter, the dough will be sprayed a little water, then allowed to stand approximately 20-30 minutes and then baked in an oven at a temperature of about 175 ° Celsius during 40-45 minute,"Son said while closing the conversation.

Author & Photo: Maria Benita A.

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Back Office Bistro, “A Hidden Gem” in Kelapa Gading

'A hidden gem', That's the slogan of the Back Office Bistro. At the beginning opened in November 2017, Arwin Effendi, Back Office Bistro owner and chairman of Gama Culinary Group recognizes, if the Back Office Bistro had experienced difficulties to compete with other eating places in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

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Henshin, Nikkei cuisine enjoy while seeing the sights of Jakarta

Henshin derived from the Japanese language changed. The restaurant was on the floor 67 cathedral 69 The Westin Jakarta has a different concept of space on each floor.

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CakeBox, Enjoy Cake Dish on Open Space

It has been almost 3 CakeBox year at the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta operates as an outlet F&B that serves a variety of products pastry, wheels, light meals, and salads for guests JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta.

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t Lounge by Dilmah, Comes with High-End Concept Tea Boutique

Dilmah, as a tea specialty brand asal Sri Lanka, comes with tea boutique concept high-end bernama t Lounge by Dilmah. In cooperation with the Huize van Wely in Pacific Place Jakarta, Lounge by Dilmah t open outlets only in Indonesia since June 2015. Erly Eliawati told BARECA Magazine interrupted his work as Vice President Director Dilmah Tea Indonesia.

"Of the total 100 Dilmah tea more variants in the world, t Lounge in Jakarta has about 20 varian t series by Dilmah which can be a connoisseur of tea all day option. Varian t series spearhead t Lounge as a pioneer creations tea gastronomy boutique of Indonesia,"Eliawati Erly open a conversation.

Stand by Dilmah t Lounge provides a variant category Gourmet Leaf Tea, Designer Gourmet Tea, Very Special Rare Tea (VSRT), dan Extra Special Very Special Rare Tea (VSRT) which can be selected consumers.

Education regarding Indonesian perceptions about tea rated Erly is important. "We do not know why the tea to be expensive, people think it's tea as instant tea and so on. Yet the sensation of drinking quality tea was clearly different. Serving food with tea drinks tea should know what is right as pairing-new. We educate to inspire!"Erly confirms.

Creation Tea Mocktail

Chai choice

connoisseurs tea mocktail and tea cocktail The T Lounge by Dilmah will be pampered with a variety of teas available and the unique creations. Chai Chai choose dan Speculatte (brilliant breakfast mixed with ground speculaas spice, condensed milk, orange zest) served warm, Serta choose Iced Tea dan Chamomile Spritzer (cold brew herbal infusion) constitute signature tea mocktail which also became a favorite.

One dish tea mocktail unique t Lounge by Dilmah is the Bergamot Iced Tea. enjoy 'two tea in the same time’ the uniqueness of the dish tea mocktail this. This drink is formulated from mixture Earl grey tea, lavender syrup, lemon, and apple juice and then poured dry ice which had previously been sprayed jasmine green tea hot. The sensation of inhaling and enjoy a combination of both types of tea is very interesting.

Tea Pairing

Erly explained that pairing tea mocktail or tea should serve as palette cleansing, to prepare us to further enjoy the next food dish. Tea mocktail with content white tea which soft, fits perfectly with fish dishes. As for the category strong food such as grilled chicken, satay, rendang, match when juxtaposed with strong tea like black tea.

Ceylon Rose Iced Tea

For dessert, for example, chocolate in-pairing with hot tea (not cold / heat), s-boost flavor note even after taste content of chocolate. In addition, tea mocktail also very able to serve as a companion drink on afternoon tea and high tea.

Tea Cocktail

For tea cocktail, Lounge by Dilmah t also innovates with the process infuse spirit to tea for a few hours. This process will change the color and produce the aroma 'air tea-vodka’.

One of the menu tea cocktail unique and light, G & Tea, formulated from mixture dry Gin, Sencha green tea, and cucumber. "Key tea mocktail or tea cocktail maximum is another ingredient in the mix should not be overpower from its own tea flavor,"So close conversation Erly.

Author : Yohanes Christ

Photographers : Kanno Sardella

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It’s My Cake, Venturing From Home Based Business

Before It's My Cake into a stall bakery, This effort only home-based business course. Starting from studying the raw material of imported products, especially milk-based products, mixed with local raw materials using a variety of methods or techniques agitation takes, process, and the exact formulation, brothers Zaenoedin and Zayadi start trying to make cake of various raw materials such.

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