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Cheese Shashuka, Recipe by PROCHIZ

Selamat soree #ProchizLovers! Tomorrow the weekend already nih, kita cobain yuk resep #KejuProchizthis one. Do not forget to upload and tag @keju_prochiz yes!
-Cheese Shashuka-Bahan :
Suing ½ onion coarsely chopped
4 Under cloves finely chopped
50 gr diced red peppers
50 gr diced green peppers
50 gr diced yellow peppers
1 Tomato fruit diced
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 tsp pepper powder
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 tsp Paprika powder
½ tsp cumin powder
½ sdt Garam
250 ml Air
3-5 Chicken eggs grain
3 tbsp PROCHIZ spreads
parsley or celery for sprinkling
warm bread or rice

How to Make :
• Heat oil diwajan teflon, saute onion until fragrant, input garlic, tomato paste, PROCHIZ spreads. stir well and pour a little water
• Then enter all spice powder, all chili peppers and chopped tomatoes into sauce mix evenly, add salt
• Cook until the water content is reduced and the sauce has thickened, reduce heat
• Break the eggs chicken, cast one by one slowly, Put the sauce over the eggs and cook until eggs are cooked, approximately 4-5 minutes on low heat. Sprinkle on top of celery leaves
• Serve with bread or rice shashuka, as a complement to the meal

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Kremes Fried Banana Cheese, Recipe by Prochiz

Haii #ProchizLovers! Welcoming the arrival of Eid, yuk kreasikan recipes with#KejuProchiz biar lebih enakk. Do not forget to upload and tag @keju_prochiz yes!
-Kremes Fried Banana Cheese-
Substance A :
13 Plantain seed
Ingredients Flour Baluran :
65 Wheat flour gr
¼ tbsp rice flour
¼ teaspoon salt
125 ml Air
2 Refined sugar ½ tsp
20 Article PROCHIZ Cheddar parut
material Kremes :
1 butir Telur
70 gr Sago
20 Rice flour gr
175 gr Air
40 gr Gula halus
Material B :
150 Article PROCHIZ Cheddar parut
Cheese Sauce Ingredients :
250 Article PROCHIZ spreads
50 Dec Gula Pasir
200 gr Susu cair
How to Make :
• Peel the banana split into two not to break up aside
• Combine all glaze ingredients together flour mix well
• Mix all ingredients together kremes stir until blended
• Apply bananas that are in pieces with glaze dough flour until blended and then fried with vegetable oil over medium heat until half cooked
• Then pour the batter kremes on it and fry until cooked bananas
• The cheese sauce : mix all sauce ingredients and blend until all ingredients are well blended
• Once cooked put it on a serving plate and then give teburan cheese boxes and cheese sauce

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Pandan Coconut Tart, Recipe by Cheryl Koh for Cream of Europe

Pandan Coconut Tart, a new recipe by Cheryl Koh for Cream of Europe. Choose only the finest real dairy cream and achieve excellence in pastry.

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Le Formossa Bliss, Recipe by Julien Perrinet for Cream of Europe

Le Formossa Bliss, a new recipe by Julien Perrinet for Cream of Europe. Choose only the finest real dairy cream and achieve excellence in pastry.

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Easter Carrot Praline

Material :
520 gr CarrotsIMG_7058
100 of glucose
750 gr Belcolade Blanc Selection
150 gr Butter
1 LBR Gelatine leaf
25 rg Kirsch

How to make :
1.Blend carrots then take the juice by means of filtered.
2.Heat carrots sari with gukosa.
3.Pour Belcolade Blanc Selection and enter the butter while still warm so soluble.
4.Enter the soaked gelatine leaf cold water.
5.Add the kirsch, wait a while until the ganache cool slightly, then ready for printing.

Recipe by Adang Hendra, Technical Manager PT. Puratos Indonesia

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Mango Opera

Description :
Rectangular cake to cut, upside down mounting 30×40 frame.
First is the mango jelly, covered with joconde. Second is ganache covered with joconde and then is butter cream covered with a joconde sponge. The base is covered with white couverture.

Ingredients :
Mango Jelly
Mango puree 400 gram
Passion fruit puree 100 gram
Invert Sugar 80 gram
Pectin 14 gram
Sugar 50 gram

Mona Lisa
Egg white 180 gram
Sugar 130 gram
Egg whole 270 gram
Almond powder 200 gram
Icing Sugar 105 gram
Flour (medium protein) 60 gram

Mango Butter Cream
Egg yolks 80 gram
Sugar (+100 gram water) 150 gram
Butter 200 gram
Mango puree 50 gram

Fruit Ganache
Anchor Extra Whip 60 gram
Mango puree 100 gram
White Cover 200 gram
Gelatin 8 gram

White Chocolate for decoration 600 gram

Step by Step
Mango Jelly
Warm up the mango puree and add the mixture of sugar and pectin. Cook for 5 minutes and cast on top of silpat.
Joconde Sponge
Whip egg white and set with sugar. Pour the eggs into the mixer. Add in the sifted almond powder, icing sugar and flour. Line down 650 gram of mixture per 60×40 trays.

Mango Butter Cream
Prepare a bombe mixtrure with egg yplks and sugar cooked at 1150C. Emulsify with softened butter. Flavour with mango puree.

Mango Ganache
Bring to a boil the extra whip and fruit puree. Pour onto the white chocolate. Emulsify using a blender or a spatula. Add in the gelatine. Cool down in a tray.

Created & Demonstrated by Jean Francois Arnaud MOF
In Front Of The Participants of Fonterra Pastry Workshop
Organized by Fonterra Brands Indonesia

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Mother Dough
Material :
250 gr Terigu protein tinggi
50 gr Gula
5 gr Instant yeast
250 cc Air

How to make :
1. Mix all ingredients then stir to dissolve yeast details.
2. Fermentation during 12 jam

Substance I :
8 bt Yellow egg
225 gr sugar shaken fluids
Vanilla to taste

Materials II :
250 cc Air es
100 Susu cc evaporasi

Materials III :
1 kg of high protein flour K2
20 gr Yeast

Materials IV:
200 gr Butter
10 Article ripples

Additive :
20 gr Black charcoal Powder

Filling :
500 gr Filling Cheese diaduk rata
100 Article yellow slippery

How to make :
1.Enter the material I + II + III + source , stir until smooth.
2.Stir IV , stir again until smooth
3.The dough is divided into 2 section, 1 parts remain white and 1 Black Charcoal Powder given section
4.Fermented during 30 minute
5.Weigh dough @ 30 g
6. Given the black batter filling , circle , wrap with white dough hollowed-me
7.when ¾ expands, dipoles susu evaporasi
8.Fermented again briefly
9.Baked in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 160 ° C

Recipe by Lanny Soechan (Baking Instructor at San Merio and BCC)

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