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‘Tribute to IBU’:Award For Role Strong offerings MOM For Healthy Kids

On Thursday, 25 April 2019, still in order to celebrate Kartini Day, offering an event titled 'Tribute To Mother' was held as a tribute commemorating the strong role of women, as a mother to her family. Especially here is for mothers of children from disadvantaged families cancer fighter.

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Media Gathering & Ramadhan Food Testing Event: Stretcher Arabian Night Scene and Eat Culinary Typical Middle East During the month of Ramadan at the Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

On 24 April 2019, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran held a Media Gathering & Ramadhan Food Testing Event. The event was held at the Cinnamon Tree, Botany Restaurant, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran, attended by several members of the media.

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BARECA Team Participation in the Program Acceleration 30 Food Startup

On 11 until 22 March 2019 then, as much as 30 early stages of field operations have (food startup) had the opportunity to follow the activities FoodStartup Indonesia Accelerator organized by Accelerice. The activity took place in Indonesia Accelerice building located in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

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Palmboom Grand Baking Demo

On 21 March 2019 then, PT SMART Tbk held Palmboom Grand Baking Demo The Allium Tangerang Hotel. The objective of the Palmboom Grand Baking Demo by theme "The Legendary Taste"Is for men-support loyal user Palm tree by providing new recipe ideas that are creative and innovative.

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8 Large Candidate Master Choco 2019

After the race kesukseskan Choco Master 2017 on 2 last year , This year BARECA along with Wheat Mas Kencana (GMK), chocolate manufacturer Colatta, re-entered the race Choco Master second. Race Choco Master 2019 aims to improve the professionalism, ability, and an opportunity for activists pastry. Since November 2018 until February 2019, jury Choco Master 2019 already chosen 16 participants from various regions in Indonesia.

Celebration of Wheat Mas Kencana PT by the PJ Danang Wikandaru

Visits Factory PT Wheat Mas Kencana

Before the race starts, peserta diajak mengunjungi pabrik PT Gandum Mas Kencana untuk melihat proses pembuatan cokelat Colatta dan juga menjelaskan tentang perlombaanChoco Master 2019. Event was opened by remarks of P.J. Danang Wikandaru as General Manager Sales & Marketing PT GMK. The event was also attended by several representatives of PT Wheat Mas Kencana, Sri Utami (Marketing Manager), Tia Hariani (Brand Manager B2B), Prasetyo A. Yudhistira (Group Brand Manager), and several other staff.

Remarks from Ir Peter Gandamana, BARECA Magazine Chief Editor and Chairman of the Choco Master Operator 2019

Event followed by a reception and presentation by Mr. Peter Gandamana (Chief Editor Bareca Magazine) explaining the rules regarding race, assessment criteria, and also a question and answer session about the race. After lunch, participants are invited to visit the chocolate making Colatta. Event date 25 March 2019 The closed with the presentation apron race mark the beginning of the race.

Selection 8 Large Candidate Master Choco 2019

The first selection round, participants are asked to make the creation of choux pastry combined with filling of fruit and chocolate decoration. Each participant has a time 4 hours to make 10 piece choux pastry which are interesting. Participants rated by 3 board of jury, namely:

  • Peter Gandamana (Chief Executive Choco Master 2019)
  • Chef Heru Run (Master pastry chef, Own Maison Weiner, and founder of the Indonesian Baking Academy)
  • Chef Dishes Halim (Winner Choco Master 2017, owner of Delicate Patisserie, and Pastry Instructor and Consultant)

"Earlier before the race it felt tense, then during the race turned out to be quite happy and not at the beginning semenegangkan. Here I gained experience and new insights in the world pastry."Said Nia Angelina, Participants from Jambi, about feelings follow the race.

The participants felt that the race Choco Master 2019 is an event to hone skills, gained knowledge and experience, and also add a network relationship. After participating in the selection process, Participants felt relieved and hope to continue to the next stage.

According to Chef Riady Halim, to match the international scale, participants should be able to behave in a professional manner in which all the preparation has to be perfect and give the best. All participants were assessed've done the best looks of how to manufacture the product. The event is suitable for participants to hone skills; they can find out the errors and can fix it to make a better product.

The judging process Choco Master Candidates' Work 2019

List 8 Kandidat Semifinal Choco Master 2019

The following are the names 8 candidate semis Choco Master 2019 (in no particular order) who will move on to semis; Gilang Ramadhan (Jakarta), Gina Salsabila Tazya (Duo), Nono Maringan Butar Butar (Bali), Listen Patimah (Batam), Rahma Nabila Ramkar (Sukabumi), Sugiarto (Jakarta), Tice Mega Rahayu (Duo), Viona (While).

Author: Alvina Wikarn to

Photographers: Kanno Sardella

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Anchor Chef Competition 2019

On 21 February 2019 Denpasar Bali, Anchor Food Professionals (AFP)-business food service from Fonterra Brands Indonesia, held Anchor Chef Competition in Taman Bhagawan, Bali.

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BARECA 8th Anniversary: Mindsetting for a Better Future, BARECA Award 2019 and Book Launching "UPPER" by Coach Indra Kurniawan

Located at the Hotel Santika Mahaka Square, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, on the date of 15 February 2019 then, organized events BARECA 8th Anniversary: Mindsetting for a Better Future, BARECA Award 2019 also implemented Book Launching “UPPER” by Coach Indra Kurniawan. The event was festive and attended by the relation advertisers BARECA Magazine as well as businessmen Bakery, Restaurant & Cafe.

Ir Peter Gandamana MM along with Coach Indra Kurniawan

Present were also its members bakery Run like the renowned Chef Heru, Chef Lanny Soechan-founder and teacher at San Merio Baking Course, and Fatmah Bahalwan- founder and teacher Natural Cooking Club / NCC. Do not miss the present guests of the family and friends of Coach Indra Kurniawan.

Mindsetting for a Better Future

The event began with prayer, performed directly by Eloy Zalukhu, Capstone Indonesia Founder and Founder & Master Teacher Theocentric Motivation. Then perform Editor in Chief BARECA Magazine, Dr Peter Gandamana, MM, give a speech.

Peter expressed his gratitude to all advertisers and relatives who have supported during 8 in attendance BARECA Magazine among entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of Bakery-Restaurant-Café both inside and outside the country. This demonstrates the reputation that has formed in BARECA Magazine is already high and steadily increasing.

Peter also expressed gratitude for advertisers who contribute not only come from within the country, but also from foreign countries such as Greece with its products Peach Flavor, Cream of Europe's past also put an ad in BARECA Magazine, and in the near future there will be advertiser from Italy and other countries. Actually products from abroad has also been advertising on BARECA Magazine, but through a distributor or agency in Indonesia.

"Why do they want to put an ad in Indonesia, especially in BARECA Magazine? Because Indonesia is a very attractive country to become a market of their products. Therefor, we should all be equally optimistic and show the world that we do have a good market at the same time good businesses, and would support if they are present in Indonesia,"Peter preached in his speech.

Peter also describes the services and activities BARECA comes complete ,ranging from 2 floor kitchen Jakarta International Pastry Academy or JIPA located on floors 1 and 2 office BARECA Magazine in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Besides being used as places of course bakery and pastry, kitchen JIPA also functioned as a training ground for anyone who can be hired as the company raw materials for the food and beverage product trials or presentations to clients as well as for entrepreneurs who wish to open a business bakery-it requires training from Chef-Chef is a partner JIPA.

"Two JIPA kitchen floor is a major investment by BARECA Magazine which is supported from the funds flowing into the ad parapemasang BARECA where there is a complete equipment such as bakery mixing machine (Spiral dan planetary mixer) and deck oven plus proofer with standard bakery, chiller and freezer, dough sheeter, and so on,"Peter says.

Service BARECA also targeting digital contents related to social media. Also the making of videos uploaded recipes and tips on YouTube BARECA Media, and presenting service Bareca applications that can be downloaded through PlayStore.

activity workshop also often carried out by BARECA. One Basic Food Photography Workshop held cooperate with PT Sony Indonesia and supported by Colatta Chocolate of Wheat Mas Kencana. Also on Leadership and Brand Protection Regulation by the intellectual property rights such as Donny Alam SH.

Completing his speech, Also playing a video compilation of activities BARECA including video activity book launching ceremony Chocolate: From Cacao Bean to Bar, The Indonesian Heritage Treasure-who published BARECA, on 16 April 2018. In addition, various trailer-video works BARECA Media Team that since 2015 then made up of the latest aired.

Anugrah BARECA Award 2019

In the event BARECA 8th Anniversary, also implemented the award BARECA Award 2019 the award-winning Dynamic Best Bakery Bakery Products & Service. In 2018 then BARECA Award has been awarded to a number of businesses, such anomalies Coffee Coffee and First Crack in the category Café, Francis Artisan Bakery di kategori Bakery, and Monument Kunstkring and Java Kitchen Restaurant category.

In 2018, BARECA Award has also been given to the man who has contributed in the culinary world as Heru Chef Lieu, Chef Lanny Soechan, and Fatmah Bahalwan which has been dedicated in delivering knowledge and skills in the field of bakery.

BARECA Award we provide is our token of appreciation to the businesses and individuals who are in the business of bakery,restaurant and cafe. We do not give BARECA Award easily, of course, we must first carefully studying whether businesses are eligible to receive BARECA Award,"Peter preached..

presence BARECA Award This can not be separated from the purpose BARECA Magazine who want to promote a product-produkIndonesia to the world stage so of course these products should also be proud for Indonesia. By conferring this award BARECA then other businesses will also be encouraged to improve the quality of its products and services.

In addition to giving BARECA Award 2019 to Dynamic Bakery, also held BARECA Award 2019 to various companies over the shape of their support for more than 5 This year in the effort to inform the development of food and beverage (F&B) to the people of Indonesia and the world through advertising these companies in BARECA Magazine. Here's the advertisers who accept BARECA Award 2019:

Platinum Category : Wheat PT Kencana Mas

Kategori Gold Premium : PT Megmilk Snow Brand Indonesia

Kategori Gold : PT SMART Tbk, PT ISM Flour Mills, Boga PT Mulia Raya, PT Sangra Ratu Boga, PT Bungasari Flour Mills Indonesia

Kategori Silver : Indonesia's PT Zeelandia, PT Sinar Meadow International Indonesia

Representatives of all the companies present receiving BARECA Award 2019. Sofilia Tokarso, Brand Manager PT SMART Tbk menyampaikan bahwa dia senang dengan diterimanya penghargaan BARECA Award 2019 and cooperation with BARECA it is working well in building the world F&B Indonesia that is growing. Sofilia admit that the team at BARECA continue to innovate and follow the trend of increasingly advanced.

Nostradamus S. Payot as Director of PT Zeelandia Indonesia is also grateful for BARECA Award received by the company. Quality of service and dedication Tim BARECA in working professionally with its highly valued.

While Prasetyo A.Yudhistira as Group Brand Manager PT Wheat Mas Kencana said that its cooperation with the Team BARECA for more than 5 tahun telah berjalan dengan erat dan dalam banyak kegiatan pemasaran karena komitmen dan kualitas pekerjaan yang diberikan Tim BARECA in accordance with expectations during this.

President Director of PT Ratu Boga Sangra, Sylvia Ng, thank BARECA Magazine which has been awarded BARECA Award PT Sangra Ratu Boga as relations / partner. BARECA considered to be very helpful in advertising products business of PT Ratu Boga Sangra engaged in bakery ingredients. Sylvia also congratulated and success always for BARECA Magazine.

Author: Dewi Sri Rahayu

Photographers: Hendri, Kanno, Ceppy

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