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Rely Titan Concept One Stop Shopping

Attendance titan among actors moving food industry, particularly in the line of pastry and bakery, indeed as expected. Evident from the crowds of visitors grocery store cake is the concept of one stop shopping, nearly every day.
"We are trying to make the Titan into a cake shop material is comfortable and complete, to customers who come do not have to turn around again looking cakes and pastries raw materials or the tools to finish its equipment elsewhere,"Go to Sri Utami, Perwakilan Staf Titan Fatmawati, South Jakarta.

Selain konsep one stop shopping, Titan also makes specific area of ​​the store that are designed to comfort the customers while shopping. Grocery store cake that was first opened to the public in March 2005 The relatively rapid expansion. "2 years later, ie in June 2007, Titans opened the first branch that is in Kelapa Gading.

For Titan Fatmawati, when the program has experienced expansion area. There is 2 utama area, ie specific area of ​​raw materials as well as pastries and bread baking supplies tools or kemasannnya. The second area is designed specifically for cake decorating supplies. Books and magazines themed cakes and bread can be found in the area,"Explains Sri Utami.

Cake Decorating Equipment Available
If you are a cake decorating business entrepreneurs and are fond of cake decorating, available cake decorating tools are quite diverse here. Starting from the mold / cutter to create various forms of decoration materials or chocolate fondant, a set of decorating tools different functions worth having if you frequently type of fondant cake decorating to a special dye to be applied to fondant.

For more, can read the September issue BAKERY MAGAZINE 2013

Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 22A South Jakarta

Written by Dewi Sri Rahayu / Photo by Hendri Wijaya

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Toko Ani, Fondant Cake Decorating Equipment Distribution And Wilton Butter Cream

Ani store located on Gunung Sahari Jakarta area had stood since 1973 and provide a lot of cake decorating equipment and raw materials cake. Cake decorating equipment provided very diverse, ranging from simple devices for the butter cream, to the equipment to make fondant.

Customers can purchase products branded Wilton cake decorating equipment. Shop Ani is a major distributor of Wilton products America. "Wilton's products are more durable and more comfortable to use than other products,"Ruben Freisco clear as Ani Head Shop.

Cake decorating equipment can be purchased separately or retail and package that has a number of diverse. For handling butter cream shop provides pockets Ani triangle, turntable, various spatula, scrapper, dan squirt. As for handling fondant, there rolling pin, matt, tool to emboss, and other. Fondant decorating tools for handling it more because Wilton continued to release a new product with a variety of models.
Most of the existing products in the store Ani is equipment for cake decorating. Nonetheless, Ani stores also provide butter cream and fondant finished. "Customers often buy ready-made products rather than raw materials to be processed again because it is considered more practical,” tutur Freisco.

For more, can read the September issue BAKERY MAGAZINE 2013

ROAD Gunung Sahari 1 NO. 5, CENTRAL JAKARTA - 10610

Written by Putri Suryani
Photo by Hendri Wijaya

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In.gre’di.ents:, Gum Paste Sells Local Products to Singapore

Departing from the hobby of making cakes, as well as the experience of buying materials pengemasannya pastries and order as is just plastic that looks like a mess at the market in general make Shierly Lelyana decided to set up shop cake ingredients and equipment to name In.gre 'di.ents: in 2005 ago.

"The aim is to make the store In.gre 'di.ents is to make customers comfortable shopping with fancy effects and hygiene products are guaranteed with a much better housekeeping,” jelas Shierly. Until now, In.gre’di.ents: already has three branches in Jakarta, that is located in Muara Karang, Houses, and Radio Stations.

This store provides a variety of raw materials and equipment to make a cake that is different from other stores. Although decorating equipment supplied is not too much, but this shop provides quality products imported from various countries, China as one of them. In accordance with its name, In.gre’di.ents: (dibaca ingredients) which in English means the raw materials, In.gre’di.ents: provide 60% products in the form of raw materials and 40% other equipment is.

The cake decorating equipment supplied is as a tool to decorate fondant, patterned like a rolling pin and some chocolate transfer sheet used to decorate using a chocolate.

Jalan Muara Karang No. 23, North Jakarta

For more, can read the September issue BAKERY MAGAZINE 2013

Written by Putri Suryani, Photo by Hendri Wijaya

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Cake Decoration Materials

Talk about cake decoration means can not be separated from the review materials commonly used to make cake decorations. All this time, we know the three main ingredients in cake decorating, among others buttercream, melting, and royal icing which each has its own advantages.

Brief discussion starts from buttercream which is the basis of the science of cake decorating. Buttercream is made from butter or margarine mixed with powdered sugar (icing sugar), by comparison 1:2 thus tend to have a creamy texture. The second is the fondant that is currently chosen by the cake decorator in cake decorating because this material can be processed into a more flexible form of decoration and durable.

The surplus, fondant or also known as plastic icing has a dense texture so that the possibility of a more minimal damage and was able to make the surface of the cake is more shiny than the other materials.

The last ingredient is royal icing made of egg whites, refined sugar (icing sugar) and pickled lemon. Although the liquid dough, royal icing can survive long enough period of time and usually royal icing is often used as a glue to glue decorations with fondant.

To learn more about the manufacturer or distributor of cake decoration support, The following is information from such companies in Indonesia.

1.PT. Smart Tbk
PT. Smart Tbk is a food company that manufactures a variety of palm-based vegetable fat, such as cooking oil, BOS, margarine, dan shortening. PT. Smart Tbk berkomitemen to manufacture products made of 100% palm oil and vegetable oil was selected as an effort to provide the best products refined palm oil. Some brands such as Filma, Palmvita, Goodfry, and Delicio White has been known to the public in accordance with the uses and advantages of each.

Shortening product brand Delicio White Baker's Fat is a premium quality product from PT. Smart Tbk. Delicio White has superior plasticity because it is made from fresh vegetable fats that have been purified so it does not leave a bad odor. Shortening has a very bright white color (snow white), free moisture, as well as a good character creamnya. White delicio considered superior in terms of consistency and plasticity with natural flavor and aroma.

Delicio White can be used for the application of the cream biscuit, fat dough, wheels, candy, deep frying, and cream for cake decorating. White delicio available in cardboard packaging 15 kg. In addition, PT. Smart Tbk also have other ideals such as shortening Palmvita Fat Gold creaming that is filling-creaming fat that can be used as a cream for cake decoration, and Palmvita Baker's Fat margarine versatile.

2.Unilever Food Solutions
Some of the favorite brands such as Unilever's Blue Band Master, Knorr, and scattered Frytol 74 countries to meet the needs of the bakery business. Master famous Blue Band has a special aroma and already familiar to the tongue most people in Indonesia. Blue Band Master consists of margarine and shortening.

Untuk shortening, Blue Band Master has two types of finishes, yaitu Blue Band Master Pastry Fat dan Blue Band White Cream Fat. Both are available in cardboard packaging 15 kg. Blue Band Master White Cream Fat has a high perception of air so as to produce a cream that is softer, brighter color after shaking, as well as a very minimal level kekendalan.

Blue Band Master White Cream Fat suitable for application of cream to cake decorating. Because it is easy and fast mixed with other ingredients such as chocolate or chocolate peanut butter that has been dilumerkan, White with Blue Band Master Fat Cream the bakers and cake decorating cake decorator can produce interesting and delicious.

3.PT. Salim IvoM Pratama Tbk
PT. Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk is an agribusiness company with products derived from palm oil which distributes brands such as addition the company, Simas, Amanda, Malinda, and Pomegranate. For brand Palmia, some of its flagship products include margarine Palmia divided into Palmia Super Cake Margarine commonly used for making bread, cake, cookies, and biscuits. There is also Palmia Margarine with melting point 36oC – 39oC which is similar to the taste of butter, Palmia Top and White are shortening, suitable for decorating cream.

4.PT Sinar Meadow Internasional Indonesia
PT Sinar Meadow Internasional Indonesia (SMII) producing fat-based products such as margarine, shortenings and frying fat with brand Gold Bullion, Mother’s Choice, Silver Bullion, Cita dan Maestro. Various types of margarines and shortenings with brand Gold Bullion, among others, Grand Butter Blend, Merrywhip and S'perior suitable for making cake decoration, Frymasta, and BOS.

The flagship product of the SMII is Gold Bullion Grand Butter Blend which is a mixture of margarine with butter flavored oil to produce margarine butter. Products processed with the Grand Butter Blend butter aroma maintain a cost efficient production.

5.PT. Prambanan Kencana
As a distributor of food ingredients and beverages, PT. Prambanan Kencana also have a product with a brand fondant Fondx. This product is suitable for use as a birthday cake decorating, wedding cake, cupcake, and other cake decorations. The advantages of this product is white color (virgin white) bright, beraroma Vanilla, soft texture, and has a sweet taste so delicious to be consumed.

Fondx also has a texture that is flexible so malleable and not easy to crack. Currently Fondx provide a variety of other colors such as ivory variants, green (green), red (red), black (black), purple (purple), brown (brown), and blue (blue) to enable customers to create.

Currently working with the Prambanan Kencana Caljava International to produce Fondx in Indonesia (Fondx Virgin Vanilla White) raw materials derived from the International Caljava in America. Especially for Fondx color and also Fondx Elite Virgin white, Prambanan Kencana brought directly from the International Caljava in America.

Currently Fondx for products already distributed throughout Indonesia. Prambanan Kencana has 9 cabang di Indonesia yaitu di Jakarta (Center & South), Palembang, Duo, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Macassar, and Jogjakarta.

6.PT. Delisari Nusantara
The company which was established in 1997 This has become the official distributor in Satin Ice 2012. Satin Ice products have a strong reputation in the international community has two flavors are vanilla and buttercream. Satin Ice commonly applied to cupcakes, birthday cake, wedding cake, and modern bakery. Satin Ice products are available in 16 basic colors that can be mixed again to be a new color, and is available in packs ranging from 2 lbs (0,9 kg), 2,5 kg, and 10 kg.

7.PT. Trans Value Internasional
PT. Trans Standard International is a distributor of materials for industrial bakery located in Sunter, North Jakarta. One of the products they distribute are branded Snow Ice fondant which is a product from Malaysia. Excess Snow Ice is having the aroma of vanilla and very elastic. Moreover, This product also does not dry quickly so easily applied to decorative detail.

Snow Ice for decoration usually used to make a birthday cake, wedding cake and cake for daily consumption. This product can be applied to cover cake, figures and decorations for flower decorations, leaf, lace and other.

8.PD. Hero
PD. Hero is a supplier of a variety of materials that distributes cake and bread products with brand Bakels. PD. Hero has a wide range of products that are well known in the market as Pettinice Bakels RTR Plastic Icing.

As the name implies Ready-to-Roll Icing, This product can be directly used to coat the cake or form a variety of ornament. With bright white color facilitates the addition of color as you wish. This product is not easy to crack and also stable so it is efficient and appropriate to coat a cake or make a cake decoration.

Bakels RTR Pettinice Plastic Icing available in a white color variant, almond, black, blue, chocolate, green, ivory, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow. Bakels RTR Pettinice Plastic Icing available in packs 7 kg pail and have been distributed throughout Indonesia as for packaging 750 gr and 2,5 kg pail available by order.

Written by Ahmad Fajar Marisa Aryani
Photo doc. UN

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PT. Prambanan Kencana, Margarine and Yeast for Frozen Dough Needs

Apart from the processing techniques, one of the things that is important in the manufacture of frozen dough bakery products is the use of raw materials. As a rule, bahanbahan applied to be resistant to cold temperatures around-30oC. PT. Prambanan Kencana, one of the largest grocery distributor in Indonesia, has three types of margarine that can be applied to the manufacture of frozen dough, among others:

Lactic Butter Margarin (LBR) Sheet margarine mixture is made of 30% butter from Europe and 70% margarine. Lactic Butter Margarine is produced by Adeka Singapore which uses technology from Japan. In terms of storage, This product should be stored in the chiller (15 x 1 kg / card).

Olympia Sweet Milk is the folding margarine with a sweet taste and a low melting point. This product is also produced by Adeka Singapore.

Gold Cup Croissant Sheet made of 100% margarines are manufactured by leading companies producing the best quality products Vandemoortele in Belgium. Just like LBR Sheet, This product must be stored in a chiller (6 x 2 kg / card). In the making of Frozen Dough either Lactic Butter Margarine (LBR) Gold Cup or Croissant Sheet can be applied to the manufacture of puff pastry and croissants. Its application is by laminating (incorporated into the dough) then folded single or double depending on the application to be made. Before laminated, margarine dough sheet and stored in the freezer so that the temperature is the same. Once folded the dough rest for 30 minutes for the resting. Advantages margarine butter sheet is a strong sense that gives a more savory taste and strong aroma. Moreover, The resulting texture is also more subtle and not easily broken.

Besides margarine sheet, PT Prambanan Kencana also have a yeast product with a brand Angel Yeast Brown, which is the prime quality yeast is properly used for the manufacture of Frozen dough. This product contains high sugar tolerant yeast that is above 3% so good for the development of frozen dough. Suggested yeast is kept in a dry place at room temperature, but if it is open then the yeast should be stored in the chiller. Application same as dough preparation in general is enough yeast mix together with other ingredients such as flour, considers, air, and baking powder to rate 1% – 2% for 1 kg adonan. Then the dough should be stored in a freezer with a temperature -20 ° C so that the dough does not change or fermentation. In terms of processing, Angel Yeast Brown easily applied and stable development so that no special handling is required to use. This product is available in packs 20 x 500
gram / card.

Written by Marisa Aryani, Photo Doc. PT. Prambanan Kencana

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Special yeast Frozen Dough from Saf

Yeast is the main ingredient that is very important role in the making of bread. Yeast is good with proper handling can certainly produce good quality bread was. PT. Saf Indonusa as a subsidiary company of Lesaffre France is a company that has 160 years of experience in the manufacture of yeast, certainly aware of the importance of the role of yeast.

PT. Indonusa row has four types of yeast products such as instant dry yeast ideals (ragi kering instant/ IDY) with brand Saf Saf Instat Instant Gold and Red, fresh yeast (ragi basah/FY) with the Five Star brand, active dry yeast (active dry yeast/ADY) with Saf brand Levure, and yeast for frozen dough that is spring cleaning (SD) with brand Saf Saf Semi Dry and Semi-Dry Gold Red. Santoni, Baking Center Manager, PT. Saf Indonusa describes the four types of yeast that has the functions and characteristics of each.

"Instant Yeast gold labels suitable for bread recipes with sugar on top 8%, while red labels suitable for bread with sugar levels under 8%. If fresh yeast is suitable for all kind of bakery products bakery low or high sugar content. So also with active dry yeast Saf brand Levure, the difference between these products must be dissolved first with warm water 35-38 ° C around 10-15 minutes before use.

Products Semi Dry yeast Saf brand both gold and red label is devoted to frozen dough or frozen dough so that the dough can last about six months in a frozen state at a temperature -18 °C,” urai Santoni.

According to the explanation Santoni, Saf Semi Dry Gold labels can be used for bread making techniques used frozen dough with sugar on top 8%. As for the bread with sugar under 8%, Saf Semi Dry Red label could be used as selection. "Saf Semi Dry is available in packs 400 g per pack and 8 kg per carton (20×400 g) yeast suitable for users with small and large scale such as bakery, hotel, restaurant, and cafés,"Jelas Santoni.

He added Saf Semi Dry yeast is more effective and practical as it is available in packs of Tetra-rex ® airtight container that can be closed tightly after use so hygienic yeast in it to stay awake. "It can maintain the quality of the yeast so that the yeast can hold for two years at a temperature -18 ° C with fermentation quality remains stable,"Tutup Santoni.

Written by Ahmad Fajar , Photo doc. SAF

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PT. Puratos Indonesia, Best Bread Improver for Top-Quality Breads

In addition to yeast, bread improver is also one of the most important ingredient in making bread. If the yeast plays an important role in the fermentation process of bread, bread improver serves to improve the quality of bread produced such volume, texture more tender and moist (Freshness) and finer fibers. Besides bread improver also maximizing the working process so that the yeast fermentation process is shorter and can extend the shelf life of bread.

To meet the needs of its customers, PT. Puratos Indonesia provides improver that can optimize all aspects of bread, start of the process of mixing the dough, fermentation, roasting until the shelf life of the product. Currently Puratos Indonesia has two flagship products bread improver, yaitu S-500 Acti-Plus dan Soft'r Cotton Acti-Plus. "Both products have the advantages of each. Puratos Acti-Plus technology allows end-product is a product produced bakery bread with the best quality, both in terms of freshness as well as suppleness. S-500 Acti-Plus can be applied to almost any type of bread. While Soft'r Cotton devoted to soft bread so that the bread produced more tender,"Adang said Hendra, Technical Manager PT. Puratos Indonesia.

Bread Improver Khusus Frozen Dough
Adang further explain the technique for making frozen bread dough, the bread improver used should have different characteristics with improver for bread making with the usual techniques. “Untuk frozen bakery product, we have S-500 Kimo which is bread improver that can be used to unfermented frozen dough (UFF). Bread improver dough can provide stability and maximize the roasting process (Bake off) after dough freezing-thawing,"Said Adang.

With the S-Kimo Technology in the UFF, then frozen dough bakery owner and player will gain the most benefit, such can be applied to a wider range of products either laminated or non-laminated dough, optimal dough development, fermentation process after thawing the dough in-assured, and minimize the stickiness of dough after thawing. "Kimo S-500 can control the start of the mixing process, freezing, fermenting to disposable. Shelf-life of frozen bread dough can be reached 6 months of storage at a temperature -18 oC if the previous batter had at-blast-freezing with temperatures -25 oC (and core temperature reaches dough -7 0C). This should be considered if you want to get maximum results with the S-Kimo Technology,"Explained Adang.

Written by Ahmad Fajar , Photo doc. UN

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