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Fondant Decorating Tools : Simplify Making Process Fondant Cake Decorating

Sri Utami, representative of Shop Cake Ingredients (TBK) Titan Fatmawati and located in Kelapa Gading Jakarta, share information about the usefulness of some cake decorating tools that are best selling in TBK Titan decorating tools.

Impression Mat
Shaped like a pedestal that has a unique motifs, Impression Mat by Sri Utami was started much sought after by the Cake Decorator who come to the ICC Titan. Its function is to give the motive on the surface of the fondant. Application is to grind out the fondant directly over the Impression Mat, so that the printed motifs and parts that have motiflah that will be above the surface when it is closed to the top of the cake and cupcake.

Texture Sheet
Texture Sheet has a function similar to the Impression Mat. Texture Sheet available on Titan, divided into large and small sizes. The large size is usually used to provide motive on the type of complicated example Fondant Cake shaped handbag, the last few years become a trend in Indonesia.

For small-sized Texture Sheet, usually applied to the fondant to cover a cupcake or give texture to the fondant and modeling animal figurines such as skin texture, texture of wood and stone and so on.

Decorating and Modeling Tools Set
Decorating and Modeling Tools Set adalah 1 Set contains the best cake decorating equipment must be owned the Cake Decorator particularly those that make these types of Fondant Cake. 1 his set typically consists of several kinds of tools such as bone tool, shell and blade tool, ball tool, scallop and comb tools, flower leaf shaper tool, and so on.

Each of these tools have their respective functions, such as bone tool that serves mempertipis and refine surfaces such as leaf shape modeling fondant, strands of flower petals and so on.

Decorating Pen
The use of dye is already commonly used in the manufacturing process better Decorating cake using buttercream or fondant as a decoration. Dyes such as luster dust or powder coloring paste into the category of ingredients, are equipped with the pen Decorating tools included in category.

Titan sells black decorating pen sold units and decorating pen in 1 set contains 5 color, as black, red, blue, green and yellow. The function of decorating pens are usually used to provide detail on the fondant modeling or figurines like giving detail eye, lips and so on.

Plunger Cutter
Is printed with a variety of forms such as leaves, interest, snowflakes and so are equipped handles for easy lifting and releasing fondant and gumpaste that has been printed.

"With these tools decorating, of course the Cake Decorator can shorten their working time, so it becomes more efficient,"Lid explanation Sri Utami.

Written by Dewi Sri Rahayu
Photo by Hendri Wijaya

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Self Cooking Oven dari Rational

A professional chef would need sophisticated equipment to support the performance in the cooking process. One of the tools most important role is oven. Oven type Rational combi steamer with a brand that has a multi function have been present at this time. The German brand, have 6 variants of different sizes. The larger the capacity the more certainly that can be used, ranging from 6 x 1/1 GN to 20 x 2/1 GN.

Fitur-Fitur Oven Rational
Rational Oven can be used for a wide range of products, among the hot kitchen, bakery and pastry, vegetables even though. Normally for grilling, the user must set the time and temperature beforehand. But the Self Cooking Control feature that owned the Rational, users only need to select what food will be cooked and the level of maturity. The oven will automatically control the temperature and baking time so as to minimize failure.

This feature is also equipped with special sensors to detect the size of the food. The cooking process is constantly maintained and adapted to the type of food being cooked. While the Efficient Level Control feature allows the process to optimize all kinds of good grilling pemasakkan, fry, or steaming.
Rational able to cook all kinds of food simultaneously without mixing or transfer of aroma and taste for pure function comes with fresh hygienic steam up time-efficiently. Dengan fungsi highly effective cooking cabinet humidification, Rational can make the texture of the food remains crispy outside but juicy on the inside to eliminate. Usually a chef oven tray should rotate so that the food cooked evenly, but with the capability of dynamic mixing water, tray will rotate itself.

This oven also comes with instructions so that users can access complete information. There is a question mark where the system can provide a solution for users who have difficulty in understanding any of the features offered by Rational. This oven also features the Care Control where the oven can wash themselves so as to save time and maintenance costs. Of Indonesia, This oven is held by Lotus Food Service distribution which is the distribution for the Jakarta area held by PT. Chef Essential.

Written by Marisa Aryani, Photo by Hendri Wijaya

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Nata Citra Pratama: Interest Shown with Tray Bread and Cake

Basically bread and pastry mat serves to provide a platform bed or bread dough and cake. As time increases placemat function is to increase the level of hygiene of a bread and pastry. Moreover, mat is also able to provide additional aesthetic value of bread or cakes to be sold. With the use of these coasters will make consumers more comfortable in taking bread and cakes without having to get your hands dirty while keeping hygiene products bread or cake itself of course.

In making Brioche, use a coaster in a very important sense given the Brioche dough tends to be sticky because of the use of eggs and fat are much. One distributor for bread and cake placemat is PT. Nata Citra Pratama ( Placemat bread and cakes are imported directly from Taiwan are made of quality food grade paper.

Especially for the mat bread sold, paper placemat is also a kind of material coated food grade wax to prevent any seepage of oil that comes out of bread so it kept clean. Moreover, Baked coaster models has models ranging from a round, oval, rectangle, up box. Also equipped with varied designs and colors so as to add to the beauty of bread and pastries on display.

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Fishing rod, Always Offering Innovative Professional Solutions

For nearly 30 year, Hengel has been designing and producing insulation panels (resistant to heat) perfect his own with the ability to inject high-pressure polyurethane foam. Long experience and presence in the market Hengel bakery and pastry lets Hengel currently offers products that are technically perfect and especially meticulous workmanship finally.
Various insulation on the product box deep freezer (blast freezer) and storage space (storage cabinet) describes exactly how the high level of product quality workmanship Hengel. The insulation consists of layered insulation panels with a thickness 10 cm, equally good for deep freezer or storage cabinet with :
• interior and exterior surfaces are coated white steel food grade quality (Waterfall ADA OPS Stainless Steel).
• Injection with polyurethane foam liquid (bebas CFC) with high pressure 43 kg/m3.
• The corners are stretched with double interlocking to seal it airtight in total and also perfectly flat placement.
• Metal hooks with a progressive and unique firming, ensure easy assembly and disassembly, fast and reliable.
• Limbs that are attached to the door frame and the door * easily removed in order to turn off automatically when the door is opened vent.
• Cable-Kable heaters incorporated into the door frame and easily removable * to avoid freezing
• aluminum profiles and door gaskets with double contacts in order kekedapan durable and complete air.
Various equipment ternasuk the equipment sold is :
• The shelves and pathways that can be set to turn every 15mm in width 30 mm
• The legs of stainless steel with a high 150 mm.
High insulation level of each equipment Hengel combined with expertise in the storage system ensures pendiginan groceries in perfect condition and accompanied by significant energy savings.
*) except in the Refrigerator

COMBITEMP, Solutions That Can Adjust to Demand Professionals
Hengel COMBITEMP made to provide cooling rates varying from -35 degrees Celsius to +16 degrees Celsius in the same tool.
Hengel manufacturing process allowing side by side placement of various devices that are not related to each other (independent) in one unit of the same insulation box. Indeed from the basic module is possible to add various modules to create the right equipment that is capable of dealing with the constraints of the room and meeting all needs of the working.
Excellence COMBITEMP very much includes :
-Optimal integration in a work environment where space is often limited size :
-The design is the same for all modules
-Better hygiene because there are no areas that are difficult to clean between the various different machines
-Allows to add a module with a single tray 400 x 600mm module with double tray 600 x 800mm
-Better ergonomics for a variety of cold pastry and confectionery
-Opportunities to do the job double / multiple (8 combination)
-All storage in the laboratory wall
-Control equipment level with the eyes (eye-level)
-Opportunities to add new modules in the future in accordance with the requirements
-Allows the addition of new modules to existing equipment previously Hengel.
-Each module is independent to each other and also control the cooling conditions.
-Energy Savings
-Less heat is lost through the walls
-Allows cooling unit (on demand) another room to cool different cooling and rationalize production

Deep Freezer and Storage System
With more than 4.500 equipment in operation around the world, deep freezer Hengel is the result of long experience in the art world Patisserie. Hengel presence in markets such as Japan full tunttutan, has provided the ability to understand the different needs of professionals in the field of pastry.

By using resources carefully calculated and the latest technology, Hengel's engineers have managed to reduce the size of the evaporator so that the room can be used to add more 1 the door to the storage room, and provide extensive storage capacity in the.
With the advantages of advanced technology, Deep Freezer Hengel lebih efisien :
-Blowing air under the product so that the product does not dry out
-R404 compact evaporator with a geometric design on the tubes and fins are notched
-Heater to defrost the evaporator core to reduce the time and temperature defrost
-Compressors are rolled so that a more compact, his voice quieter and more reliable due to fewer moving equipment (the RS series)
-Airtight piston for refrigeration units on the entire series of products
-Regulatory variation in the speed of the condenser fan
-Power box can be positioned from a distance which is located quite far apart.
Bi-tronic Control incorporates various features following :
-Clear message on screen control interface
-Examination with Thermosensor that can automatically stop the freezing process
-Alarm that sounds when the door is open long or the temperature rise unreasonably
-Anti electrical short circuit so that the life of the compressor longer
-PCB which can be replaced with a variety of products that also uses Bi-tronic Control
With the various advantages, Hengel then that is the flagship product of France is ready to serve the market and Pastry Bakery in Indonesia through PT Ometraco marketing channels Arya Samanta, which is also well known in marketing a wide range of reliable equipment and machinery bakery needs in Indonesia for more than 30 year.

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Modern Coffee Machine For The Espresso cup Maximum

Excellent quality coffee beans will not be revealed when the barista is not able to recognize the character of the coffee beans used. Even so the process at the coffee machine, if not synergize with coffee beans and baristas, then to produce a quality cup of espresso living a dream. Once the importance of the role of the coffee machine, so make some local coffee shop vying to present quality coffee machine.

Actually, to produce a cup of espresso with coffee machine is now easier. The existence of an automatic coffee machine makes espresso cup serving can be done with a single touch. But still, it does not necessarily make the coffee shop business people find it helpful. The development of increasingly rapid coffee business "invite" them to not hesitate to invest for the sake of a cup of espresso coffee machines with unique character.
Maximizing the character of each flavor of espresso coffee beans do need different handling. Therefore, barista coffee machine with a reliable support was an absolute requirement that the results of optimal flavor. Two local cafe in Jakarta dared to spend money that does little for the sake of a quality coffee machine. 1/15 Coffee Shop La Marzocco Strada uses while Pandava Coffee present The Slayer Espresso Machine.

La Marzocco Strada EP
As an Italian coffee machine company, La Marzocco is very detailed when it launched the La Marzocco Strada coffee machine this. La Marzocco Strada able to provide freedom for the barista to bereksprimen and exploring the character of the coffee beans to the fullest. La Marzocco Strada The main advantage of this is free barista set the desired temperature. "Temperature is the most crucial thing apart and water quality in the manufacture of espresso coffee,"Stoned Doddy In. Syamsura, Barista 1/15 Coffee Shop.
Compared straight about water pressure regulation. La Marzocco Strada able to independently regulate the water pressure was. Both of these characteristics will not be found in other coffee machine. Due to the temperature and pressure of the water in the coffee machine usually is set by the manufacturer and can not be changed-fox. Doddy explains, to water stress, Baristas can set from paddle and a maximum water pressure of up to 12 bar, while other coffee machine water pressure only reached 9 leave sergeant.
Moreover, La Marzocco Strada is also equipped with a computerized system that facilitates barista in store settings for each coffee bean. "There is a USB slot for storing settings in making espresso,"Said Doddy.

The Slayer Espresso Machine
Semua control pada The Slayer Espresso Machine bersifat manual atau analog, thus maximize the end result and very flexible for planned. "The Slayer Espresso Machine has the ability to produce optimal coffee flavor,"Ujar Aston Utan, Marketing Manager Pandava Coffee.
The Slayer Espresso Machine also use the heating system of the main sources of water in the initial brewing process. With this system, the four boilers with an intake capacity of tank size 12 This will produce a liter while brewing temperature stability which is about 82 degrees Celsius and speeds brewing around 25-28 sec. This coffee machine also uses a paddle system that is able to regulate the water pressure to the point of maximum 9 bar.

Written by Dody Wiraseto, Photo by Hendri Wijaya

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Cuisinart: Smartstick Hand Blender

Blender is no longer synonymous with noise and large power. Modern technology increasingly makes blender increasingly made more practical and efficient. Hand Blender is evidence that the more modern technology with practical as its primary purpose. Original equipment manufacturer Cuisinart America is one of the manufacturers who have a hand blender products and have used various circles.

Basically, Hand Blender is devoted to the households that have limited production capacity. But in its development, there are many bakery businesses, cafe or barista who use a hand blender as a means of supporting. Share a circle Bakery, Hand Blender can be used to make fruit puree. As for the circle cafe, Hand Blender is widely used for mixing beverages while experimenting to create new products.

"Hand Blender is used for liquid products, while for the fruit could be because there is a hand blender with a different blade,” ujar Aropi Jahanulmukmin, Sales Supervisor, PT. Mega Success Jaya which is the sole distributor in Indonesia Cuisinart. Cuisinart Hand Blender with Smartstick type consists of two parts. At the location of the machine while it is in the lower part is optional that can be changed according to the needs.

Smartstick Cuisinart hand blender is using full stainless steel material and it is food grade. Using stainless steel would have a variety of advantages over plastic. In addition to stainless steel food grade standards already have a clear, stainless steel is easy to clean. "If you use the plastic will eventually change color,” ujar Ropi. Plus basically anti-rust stainless steel, so the level of security of the food is guaranteed.

To complement the functions Cuisinart Smartstick, there are also some optional which is included in the sale Cuisinart Smartstick. Optional covers, Attachment Whisk in the whipped cream that works untukmembuat. Chopper is in working order then to crush fruit and Blending shaft to make food for infants or to mix drinks. All optional it can be replaced simply by pressing a button on the top of his hand blender.

Cuisinart Smartstick added his spin machine to approximately 15.000 until 20.000 Rpm. Supported with the required power consumption is not too high. “Kapasitas power compsumtion 300 Watts then 50 hz,” ujar Ropi. In line with its use practical, cleaning process was not difficult. "We go to the bottom and then cleaned with a water bowl, important part of the top or the engine should not be exposed to water,"End Ropi.

Written & Photo by Dody Wiraseto

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Probat Coffee Roasting Modern Technology From Germany

The quality of a cup of espresso or cappuccino flavor will not be maximized without the accompaniment of a qualified barista quality skills. Even so the quality of the coffee beans, will not be maximized if the roasting process is not good. As one of the best coffee beans in the world, Indonesia needs modern technology to preserve the coffee flavor that reflects the authentic taste of Indonesia.

Currently the Indonesian community response to domestic coffee beans was already very high. When you view the surrounding 5-10 years back, many coffee shop that still rely on coffee beans from outside. In contrast to recent years, Indonesian society which started confidently using coffee beans in the country. "Coffee beans from the roasting in the country may already own anyway,” ujar Jo William Faranes, Marketing Director, PT. Nutraco Mesindotama.

For roasting process, now easier with the inclusion of a special machine that modern roasting. One of them Probat, roasting machine from Germany who entered Indonesia through PT. Nutraco Mesindotama. Distributors are located in Pantai Indah Kapok this, selling roasting machines for industrial scale. Moreover, PT. Nutraco Mesindotama also increasingly equip their products with a coffee machine for shop class roaster, the capacity 1 kg and 5 kg. "1-2 this year entered into a new Probat coffee shop,"Said William calls herself.

Various Advantages Probat
The use of such modern Probat roasting machines have several advantages, one of which is the use of hot air until the drums do not come in direct contact with fire. "When you come into contact with fire, The bad effect is raised black spots on coffee beans,"Jar William. Moreover, because it is not in direct contact with fire, it is definitely getting better roasting results because the heating is more evenly.

Moreover, Probat also has other advantages in terms of ease of use when. On the right side there is a probate roasting machines digital panel that works to look up to roasting temperature can be monitored easily. Then also equipped with a fan-less cooling, coffee cools so quickly to the desired temperature after the roast. For sized roasting machine 1 kg and 5 kg, Probat use with gas combustion system. "Roasting with Probat more efficiently,"End William.

Written by Dody Wiraseto
Photo by Edwin Pangestu

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