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Advertorial Sangra Ratu Boga, Competing Series Network Product Options for Segment Cafe

The cafe is currently perhaps the most diminiati gathering place where this place is often used as an alternative escape from the boredom daily routines. The cafe can also be selected by consumers as a meeting place for its business partners a more relaxed conversation.

This phenomenon then ogled as a promising business opportunity so no wonder it feels today many cafe or tea shop that is growing rapidly. The spread of this cafe in addition to providing a comfortable atmosphere for expressing lifestyle, turns out to be supported by the need for product quality raw materials. To meet the needs of consumers who will focus quality Sangra queen PT Boga as Food & Beverage Services Company offers a range of products Coffeeland.

Premix Coffee dan Teh Praktis

The use of shaped products such as premix Coffeeland can shorten the time of making an ice blended drink. Just imagine, if a visitor cafe was crowded, especially at weekends, Certainly the barista will rush to complete orders membludak. By using premix Coffeeland, the time required by a barista drinks provider or mediocre, to make an ice blended drink will be shorter, but the results remained in line with expectations drink visitors.

Coffeeland diproduksi oleh Coffeeland Sdn Bhd., which is a company that has been known as a producer of premix premium ice blended drinks and has been trusted for 14 year. Coffeeland products made from natural ingredients due reference is the quality. Currently Coffeeland have a complete series of drinks ranging from ice blended coffee (Java Blend), fruit blend (Tropicaland), and tea (TeaZane).

To Teazane himself available two variants: Matcha Latte (Green Tea) and Lemon Ice Tea with a soft texture and drink tea extract concentrated to contain nutrients that are good for the body. This product comes in packs 1,5 kg per pack and available in a carton 8 pack for cafe segment, restaurant, as well as for household and office.

If the cafe owner want a practical and consistent solutions for business, Sangra queen PT Boga is the right company to become a business partner in realizing your dream cafe business.

The presence Coffeeland products and Teazane has received a positive response, especially from those who are engaged in the cafe. To get Coffeeland product can immediately contact PT Sangra QUEEN BOGA, is located at Jl. Awning Bolong Raya No. 8 West Ancol 14430, Indonesia, or by telephone to 021 690 9333 (6 line). It could also send an email to :

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FHM 2013 which was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Malaysia, from 17 – 20 September 2013, was the biggest show since its inception in 1993, occupying 13,000 sqms of space spread across over 7 exhibition halls.

A total of 18,865 trade visitors from 57 nations visited the show, with amounted to an increase of 5.5% from the previous show. 1,160 participating companies from 47 nations and 6 international pavilions from Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan ROC, Turkey and the USA were hosted at FHM 2013.

Some of the big names at FHM 2013 were CB Frozen, English Hotbreads, Eurochef, Global Pacific Victory, Kian Contract, Lucky Frozen, NKR, Pastry Pro, SCC Corporation, Sinmag Bakery Equipment, Wong Brothers and many more!
To add flavour to the exhibition, a series of special features were held which included Celebrity Cooking Demonstration by Chef Sherson Lian and Chef Johnny Fua using exhibitors’ ingredients. The exhibitors who collaborated with Celebrity Cooking Demonstration were Euro Atlantic, Lucky Frozen, Pacific West Food and Chefonic Kitchen). 2 days of intensive wine appreciation classes by the Wine Academy Founder, Mr. Roderick Wong and an interesting workshop on Scottish Single Malts and Japanese Sake Shochu by Mr Thomas Ling, certified specialist of spirits and sake professional.

Two very interesting and informative conferences were held during FHM. One of it was the Halal Worksop on Malaysian Halal Standards, Certification and Auditing which gave comprehensive information on proper guidelines and compliances on Halal procedures in Malaysia by Malaysian Export Academy Sdn Bhd. The second conference by Asean Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHRA) themed “New age hospitality a solution for the next generation of hoteliers” was organised by MAHTEC Sdn Bhd with high profile speakers from various industries.

Another new feature introduced at the show was the Business-to-Business (B2B) sessions which generated more than 2000 matches and 457 on-the-spot matches between trade visitors and exhibitors inclusive were generated. The pavilion actively using B2B sessions were from Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan ROC. The trade visitors who utilised this service were very satisfied with this exercise as it was targeted ideally for faster and secure face-to-face meeting without much hassle or interference.

Following on the tradition, Culinaire Malaysia 2013 was held alongside FHM 2013. This year’s competition had 34 categories and more than 1,300 interests. To demonstrate the high-standards set by the competition, 86 renowned judges from around the world with international culinary and beverage background were brought in to judge the competition.

After a “Hot and Spicy” show this year, the FHM series will greet you again with “A PERFECT SETTING FOR YOUR BUSINESS” in 2015 from 29 September – 2 October. See you again and don’t forget to mark your calendar!
The organisers of the FHM series are also delighted to announce a brand new show in the Pearl of Orient; Food and Hotel Penang 2014, which will held from 5 – 7 November 2014.

For more information please contact Mr Lim Cha Cheng at 603-40410311 or lcc@mthis isallworld.cto

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Bogor Permai, 5 Bread Jadul Decade Selling Success

Story Behind the Name Bogor Permai
Probably not many who thought that the bakery is located at Sudirman street No.. 23, Bogor was originally intended as a rest area for tourists provided at the time who want to travel to Bandung, Sukabumi, Peak, or Cianjur before there Jagorawi.

As one of the oldest bakery in Bogor, Bogor Permai Bakery and Restaurant from first established by the late. Budianto Purbojo to now run by the grandson of Enrico Purbojo. "Opa (Alm. Budianto Purbojo) Self forget the exact Bogor Permai when standing. However Bogor Permai is already known since 1963, "said Venny Cahyuni, Marketing dan Production Manager Bogor Permai.

Bogor Permai Past and Now
Since the beginning pioneered, Bogor Permai continues to experience growth. In addition to bakery, Bogor Permai are now also equipped with a restaurant, fast food, and mini market. Moreover, Bogor Permai also has two additional outlets in Bogor Botanical Square and Bukit Sentul Bellanova Country Mall. To market their products to a wider market, Bogor Permai markets its products through a number of motor fleet around Bogor and in collaboration with several supermarkets to sell off system.

Bread Becomes Permanent Jadul Idols
From the past until now, Bogor Permai retains his trademark provides a variety of traditional breads like roti xylophone, roti Ťápal kuda, Roti tawar, rat in the middle, and assorted snacks market. Recognized Venny, baker baker who produces it is still the same since 40 last year.

"Bread bakery xylophone is one of the favorites here. Bread is widely preferred by older people because maybe there is a sense of nostalgia with this bread. Moreover, snacks market is also a favorite, like klepon, nagasari, talam pandan, bugis, and fabricated his own banana cake by Mrs. Susan (son of Alm. Budijanto Purbojo),"I Venny.

Taste Bread Original Preservatives
Venny claim to use the best quality materials become a standard that must be applied to maintain each product keorisinalitasan. According to, it is one of the Bogor Permai effort to keep the customer satisfaction.

Founder Bogor Permai reminded that the materials used can not be replaced to keep the originality of the flavor and texture of products. One of the main raw material used to increase the delicacy of the bread products are the Blue Band Margarine Master, which

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EPFM & Kiss Bakery, Entrust Raw Materials for the Best Results Bread

'Never give up', word to the wise is what ultimately brought Kiswoyo tasted the sweetness of the bakery business in Indramayu. Had experienced a sharp depreciation of the profit to his business at the beginning of this, Kiss Bakery is now the owner managed to maintain his success to having 14 downline atau agen.

"Suppliers of wheat flour that has been trusted me turned out to commit fraud by reducing the weight of the flour until 20 kg persak. This is what finally made me lose up 20 million in the period 6 month,"Said Kiswoyo bitter experience tells bakery business pioneer.

Suffered a bad experience will 'sales naughty' it still makes it continue to survive in this business until now. "There is a lag time to start again. I even had pioneered the business of selling it to the beginning again with the first nearest neighbor,"Said Kiswoyo.

Good Partners with Tim EPFM
Different materials used will be different taste qualities are also produced. Therefore, to produce quality bread, Kiswoyo just use wheat flour products from PT Eastern Pearl Flour Mills (EPFM). "Consideration oriented people to buy bread at the bakery final result. If using the original material then the result would not be satisfactory until I entrust high protein wheat for bread that is the trademark of EPFM Gateway for best results,"Said Kiswoyo steady.

The most important process in making bread is in the oven during roasting. "Bread is already painstakingly created process, but sometimes it will shrink when baked. By using a stable flour Gateway, then the result will look perfect grill and easy flat bread,"Obviously Kiswoyo.

In addition to maintaining the quality of the bread remains stable, wheat Gate also has a maximum volume of development so that the bread will be larger display. "Fiber is smooth with small air bubbles that durability can be longer bread which is about 5 day compared to other breads can only last until 2 day,"Obviously Kiswoyo.

Bad experience over sales service he had ever experienced before from other wheat producers suppliers, He now no longer feel when a customer of wheat from EPFM. According to, EPFM sales team is very responsive and establish smooth communication. "I already feel comfortable with the quality of the flour EPFM and do not want to replace wheat flour substitute other brands,"Said Kiswoyo. In one day, Kiss Bakery is able to spend less 200 sacks of flour to meet demand 14 downline sales.

Geographically, strategic location of Indramayu touted potential in the SME business bakery. How not, areas adjacent to Indramayu like Brass, Majalengka, Cirebon, Duo, many are taking the bread from this area so it could be considered a very attractive market for managed. "I am currently making 7 pone variant consisting of chocolate flavor, coconut, cheese, nanas, strawberry, shredded, milk, and so forth. Moreover, There is also the content of peanut pia, roti goreng, nastar, and sponge as product variations. All received good market response,"Concluded Kiswoyo.

Jl. Raya Patrol no. 47, Indramayu

Written by Marisa Aryani / Photo Doc. Kiss Bakery

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Home Schooling Pudding Art

IMG_0362Enjoying pudding is a matter of course. But enjoy pudding with a touch of art in it probably is a new and unique experience of course. To make the pudding special artistic skills are needed, but by no means difficult to learn.

To make the pudding look beautiful and taste menggungah, carefulness is needed in processing materials used and prudence in the use of tools or equipment made specifically for designing the pudding.

Starting from the idea to design the art equipment for pudding, San Merio Baking Center felt the need to make a DVD full of pudding art that can serve as a guide to make it easier for those interested in the art of designing this pudding. Presented himself by Lanny Soechan, owner and instructor at San Merio Baking Center, DVD series Home Schooling Pudding Art includes all means of making art of gelatin pudding.

Many lay people do not know how to process gelatin. In the DVD Pudding Art,Chef Lanny explains the art pudding made from gelatin, as well as how to produce the artistic jelly pudding. DVD Pudding Art will serve as a guide so anyone can make, according to the motto of San Merio Baking Center, “Good Tutor, Smart Student! I can all be!”.

Melengkapi DVD Serial Home Schooling Pudding Art ini, San Merio Baking Center also provides some self-learning package and all packages including prescribing pudding art. Also taught specific techniques to make art pudding using equipment designed by San Merio Baking Center to facilitate the making of this art pudding.

IMG_0380This self-learning package can be found in San Merio Baking Centre, Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Block O 1/10, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Phone 021 – 91261555 / 021 453212. The self-learning package is equipped with equipment, DVD Serial Home Schooling Pudding Art, 1 kg halal gelatin made from fish collagen, dye powder consisting of 3 basic colors, each weighing 25 mg, and essence as 5 ml. The total learning package that is very affordable for Rp. 1.350.000,-.

Especially for customers BAKERY MAGAZINE, get a discount of 10% for pudding art equipment from the initial price USD. 325.000,-.

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Sangra Queen Catering Presents Primamix for Household Needs

In the end people will realize that the use of premix products have many advantages, especially in terms of time, consistency of product quality, and ease of application. The high desire premix product market will cause more and more current products on the market premix, both industrial and domestic scale. However, although consumers want an instant product quality but still come first.

PT. Sangra Ratu Boga (SRB) known for its superior products Fermipan, now also produces & distributes premix with Primamix brand to target households. This premix flour was created to make it easier for housewives or culinary lovers to be creative to create a special meal.

Tiga Varian Favorite
SRB provides three variants of the umbrella brands such as premix Primamix Brownies, Donat, Bakpao. Generally, these ready-made flour already contains wheat flour, emulsifier, and other materials in the form of powder. Furthermore, it needs to do enough to add liquid ingredients such as eggs, air, yeast and fat during the process of manufacture of the product carried.

To facilitate its users, at the rear there is evidence Primamix finish attire, ranging from materials to manufacturing process. For example, to process Brownies, material needs to be added fairly margarine, cokelat blok, and eggs. As for making BakPao of water to be added, shortening putih, and leaven "fermipan".

Prima Quality Assurance
Standing over 20 last year, SRB would provide quality assurance for all products distributed by it, including Primamix. In addition to the quality of, Primamix other advantages will also produce products with perfect taste. Moreover, at affordable prices, quantity supplied more than any other product on the market, namely 450 grams so it would be more economical.

To get more information about product Primamix, You can contact PT. SANGRA RATU BOGA, is located at Jl. Awning Bolong Raya No. 8 West Ancol, North Jakarta, 14430 Indonesia, or by telephone to 021 690-9333 (6 line). It could also send an email to :

Photo by Imam Saparisman & Doc. PT. Sangra Ratu Boga

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PT. Kraft Foods Indonesia will educate Cheese Society Qualified

Kraft brand is already very widely known by community. As a company that sells products raw materials for HoReCa business and Bakery, Kraft constantly introduce its products to the public, one way to participate in every exhibition of food and drinks.

"Kraft seeks to support the growth of industrial bakery and other food businesses by providing high-quality raw materials cheese. How to socialize is active in the food and beverage exhibition. In addition to product introductions, we also strive to educate the public to cheese quality,"Betta say Fabryce, Assistant Brand Manager Cheese PT KRAFT Foods Indonesia saat ditemui di pameran Interfood lalu.

Seeing that there are big names, Kraft certainly has a strength in the eyes of the customer. Addition of products that can meet the needs of consumers and industry, Kraft also successfully build an image which can boost the business of the consumer. Currently Kraft has a partnership program (partnership) with consumers, one of which is to branding their efforts to increase consumer business.

"Right now Kraft is focusing martabak help businesses and Bakery with their efforts to branding that buyers believe the quality of the cheese is used where it would have an effect on the increase in sales turnover,"Obviously Pingkan.

When slighted about cheese competition in the homeland, Pingkan respond to the competition fair and very positive. "With so many competitors means making bigger cheese market. Ultimately the consumer will decide and see not just the price factor, but all aspects that benefit both parties,"Said Pingkan.

Featured Kraft Cheese Products
As the leading cheese companies in Indonesia, Kraft has a variety of cheese products with the advantages of each, between Kraft Cheddar, Kraft Bakery Cheese, and a new variant Kraft Cheese Filling. For Kraft Cheddar has a savory flavor with a texture that is solid but not easily destroyed. Moreover, These products are often used by sellers martabak & bakery bakery-centric feel, quality, and presentation products, because KRAFT Cheddar cheese has all the advantages required employers.

If the employers are looking for the cheese topping, especially for applications that are not baked, Kraft has a superior taste Bakery Cheese with delicious milk & not easily dried cheese Bakery is well suited for this application. Recently also launched Kraft Kraft Cheese Filling stuffing devoted to applications and can be easily mixed with other materials. Kraft Cheese Filling has a soft texture that can be used as a substitute for cream cheese.

Educating Through the Market Baking Demo
Kraft not only sell products but also have a loyalty program to provide education to the consumer with loyal customers through baking demo. As in the exhibition Interfood ago, Kraft is presenting four Baking Instructor Chef Sunaryo, Baking Instructor of BCC (Baking and Chef Center), Chef Airin, Chef Prima, They should under Chef Shandy.

The fourth instructor demonstrating recipes with Kraft cheese applications which may provide new ideas for the visitors. "In contrast to last year Interfood, This time Kraft held an internal demo where we have the stage alone in a booth Kraft. Every day, we show instructors to share recipes and the latest innovations using Kraft cheese,"Said Pingkan.

On the first day, baking demo opened with a performance of Chef Sunaryo make Brownies Puff Pastry is a blend between Brownies and Puff pastry. It uses the Kraft Cheese to mix dough Bakery Brownies. "Kraft Cheese Bakery has a more milky taste making it suitable for a variety of mixed dough, including Brownies dough though,” tutur Chef Sunaryo.

Hanna, one student at the state university of Jakarta department saw enthusiastic Catering Chef baking demo Sunaryo. According to the woman who claimed to faithfully use this Kraft cheese, Brownies made in Puff Pastry Chef Sunaryo an innovation that had never found before. “Brownies dan puff, This recipe tastes can be used as inspiration ahead to create a new recipe to hone my talent,"He said. Selain Brownies Puff Pastry, Chef Sunaryo also made two other recipes that Choux (Kue Sus) dan Cheese Sweet Bread.

On the second day of baking demos hosted by Chef Airin that made three innovations with Kraft cheese products, Pia namely ala Kraft Cheese, Rissoles Cheese Mayonnaise, dan Poffertcheese. Menurut Chef Airin, taste of Kraft cheese familiar to people so do not need further adjustment in the tongue of Indonesian. "That's the advantage of processed cheese using Kraft's where the flavor has become a standard in the tongue of Indonesia,"Chef ujar Airin.

The third day of baking demo presents Chef Prima makes Taiwanese Kraft Sweet Bread, Double Baked Chiffon Keju Kraft, Kraft Cheese and Sweet Martabak. While on the last day Kraft presents Chef Shane Dylant which makes foods gaining popularity in Indonesia, namely Cronut and Crispy Layered Panada.

Pingkan wish to actively participate in the exhibition Kraft cheese can be trusted to be a business partner of the consumer. "Because we are not just selling products but also provide education and innovation with the demo program for loyal customers we serve Kraft cheese,"The Betta.

Written by Marisa Aryani
Photo by Hendri Wijaya

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