Provence Bakery, Authentic Japanese Bakery dari Kyoto

Provence Bakery authentic Japanese Bakery coming from Kyoto and has been present in 3 states one of which is Indonesia. Currently, Provence Bakery has added its fifth outlet located in Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta. To maintain authenticity, Provence Bakery serves typical Japanese breads like anpan, Curry Pan, Milk Pan, and Egg Salad.

“Kami memiliki komitmen untuk menyediakan roti sehat dengan kualitas terbaik menggunakan bahan baku pilihan. Kami tidak menggunakan bahan kimia dan bahan pengawet di dalam adonan roti kami. All materials we use are the raw materials with the best quality,” Imelda Manua, Chief Executive Officer PT Provence Indonesia, open conversation.

The Provence Method

In keeping with this commitment, Provence Bakery choose not to use chemicals. Even Provence Bakery does not use bread improver which is usually used to simplify the process of making bread. Provence Bakery so very attentive to the selection of quality raw materials and how to make bread, led by Japanese Master Baker who has had experience in the field bakery for more than 40 year.

Japanese Master Baker creates a bread-making technique called "The Provence Method”. “The Provence Method"Is a method of making bread dough fermentation time which maximizes so that the dough can develop properly. With the existence of this method, chemicals such as bread improver is no longer needed,"Imelda explained.

Variation Loaf Bread

Soft bread

One of bread that is often consumed by people is bread or bread loaf. Provence Bakery has 3 variants of bread, of plain bread loaf namely Pain de Mie who has a chewy texture and suitable for in-toast, Pullman Loaf which have a softer texture and flavorful milk, Wheat Bread and wheat bread textured or softer than other types of wheat bread Other.

Apart from the types of bread plain loaf, Provence Bakery also serves 4 variations in flavor loaf Other. There Cheese Loaf with chunks of cheese in it. Then, Cranberry Loaf and Flaxseed Loaf-selection loaf the use of materials "healthy" as cranberry and flaxseed, serta Choco Wassant Loaf.

In accordance with its name, Choco Wassant Loaf combines kind wassant bread bread that is layered and type loaf bread. Choco Wassant Loaf has a layer chocolate inside it, taste is not too sweet and gentle. "Because the bread Provence Bakery does not use chemicals such as preservatives, Our bread only survive in time 2-3 days at room temperature,"Imelda closing his explanation.

Author: Alvina Wikarn to

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya