‘Tribute to IBU’:Award For Role Strong offerings MOM For Healthy Kids

On Thursday, 25 April 2019, still in order to celebrate Kartini Day, offering an event titled 'Tribute To Mother' was held as a tribute commemorating the strong role of women, as a mother to her family. Especially here is for mothers of children from disadvantaged families cancer fighter.

Tribute Untandk mom: Cooperation dquintessence

The idea of ​​this event initiated from the Indonesian Children Cancer Foundation meeting (YKAI) founded and chaired by Mrs. Sallyana shove with the other YKAI Board with batik textile designer Mrs. Josephine Komara, or better known as Obin and Plaza Indonesia. Conversations about the situation of Indonesian children with special needs, in this case the child with an increasing number of cancer, and those from disadvantaged families, limitations of drug procurement and the need for further treatment.

Talks evolved planning to help them by tapping benefactors through an offering that is packaged in gorgeous. On helping you Ms. Obin with BINhouse coupled with full support both of which led to the event, which was given the name 'Tribute To Mother'.

'Tribute To Mother' is a charity event aimed at raising funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation of Indonesia for the treatment and care of children with cancer in Indonesia in order to restore a healthy child smile Indonesia.

Networking Events ‘Tribute to Ibu’

This event begins with a series of songs for Mother's appearance by the chorus Cancer Kids Warrior - Children are cancer fighters accompanied by melodious sound of lead singer Friendship 2019, Diah Ayu Lestari and accompanied by Christiano Fira, a blind pianist youth with visual impairments also support younger siblings cancer fighter.

Events Tribute to Mother's Choice is fully supported as a sponsor of Plaza Indonesia to venue and F&B, fashion show production by BINhouse which Displays 32 Collection Cita and Clothing BINhouse work performed by 16 Famous models of JIM Models and WYNN Models, Wanda is also supported by the House of Jewels, MyTV as media partner and Ultima II for Makeup, Qiqi Franki's hairdo, Panca Ma'mun Ma'mun and Tara for choreography, daughter Friendship 2019 Diah Ayu Lestari and Christiano, blind Pianist.

Children's Cancer Foundation Indonesia (YKAI)

'Restore Healthy Kids Smile Indonesia' be tagline Children's Cancer Foundation Indonesia (YKAI). "Of course we all want to see the children smile healthy Indonesia and every child with cancer is entitled to receive care and treatment are feasible,"Sallyana shove say. "That's why YKAI vigorously carry out various activities in order to continue to help those from disadvantaged families who need a helping hand for the recovery of his son who was born with this innate cancer,"He explained.

Since the 2003, Sallyana shove had to pay attention to health and education problems experienced by Indonesian children from disadvantaged families. He then started a movement of concern to invite my sister and some friends to also donate Rp 50,000,- in order to be collected so as to help them.

In 2010, finally get confirmation of legal entities as a foundation that helps children with cancer touches the name of Love Child Cancer Foundation of Indonesia in 2017 officially renamed the Children's Cancer Foundation Indonesia or YKAI.

Having YKAI 2 Key programs, namely:

  1. Care, Treatment, and support for children with cancer to the observation period of healing.
  2. Transportation Procurement Delivery / Pick up free of charge for patients requiring cancer fighters - picked from their homes or shelters for care during chemotherapy and drove back after the completion of treatment. Here also cooperate with other organizations or individuals who have the same vision and mission when the need.

closing his explanation, Sallyana shove could explain if November 2017, YKAI get a chance air-anjangsana with Mr. President and Mrs. Iriana Joko Widodo with the Minister of Health in Bogor, where the President was talking with children to encourage cancer fighter, also an opportunity for the Board YKAI to convey the current state and needs urgent and long-term.