Media Gathering & Ramadhan Food Testing Event: Stretcher Arabian Night Scene and Eat Culinary Typical Middle East During the month of Ramadan at the Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

On 24 April 2019, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran held a Media Gathering & Ramadhan Food Testing Event. The event was held at the Cinnamon Tree, Botany Restaurant, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran, attended by several members of the media.

"The theme for this year's Ramadan tone is Arabian Night, underlying our goal to present the Special menu Middle East and Indonesia with reflection real meaning of the celebration of Ramadan,"Gracia Stefani, Assistant Marketing Communication Manager Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran, explained in his speech.

Gracia Stefani explains further, if the area hotels and Botany Restaurant-located on the Lobby floor with a maximum capacity 150 person, will be transformed with festive decorations themed Arabian Night thematic as well as additional attributes of Middle Eastern specialties such as cup and teapot, lantern, a replica of a palm tree and camel, drum and also facade Mosque.

"Those areas have been decorated is what will be a place to take pictures of guests favorite after breaking the fast with friends and family. The meaning behind the moment of breaking the fast itself actually is togetherness and warmth is felt with relatives,"Gracia Stefani says.

Menu Mainstay Typical Middle East and Indonesia

Chef Wanda Gunawan, Executive Chef Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran, also explained that the dish will be served. There is a menu mainstay of Middle Eastern specialties such as Dajaj Bil Laban Batata, Shish Taouk, Samak Harra, about Ali, Nohlbia, Basbousa, and Roz No. Halib.

"We will also present a menu mainstay Indonesia such as Ayam Bakar Khas Padang, Rawon Meat with Salted Egg, Cattle krengsengan, up Flour Fried Squid with Sambal Mangga. Do not forget, miscellaneous takjil and special snacks served contribute to the appetite of guests during fasting here,"Gunawan said Chef Wanda.

Alfresco Area & Friday Barbecue Night

Present Navi Rahmanina, Food and Beverage Manager Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran, which explains if Botany Restaurant now appear with the addition of area Alfresco or area outdoor as the new face. Guests can access it through the connecting door available in the area in Botany Restaurant.

"During Ramadan, Kambing Guling specials menu as provided twice a week, will be baked using a special grill which must continue to play in order to flatten the perfect ripeness and color over the coals in the area outdoor The Botany Restaurant,"Navi Rahmanina explain.

Media Gathering & Ramadan Food Testing This event was enlivened with Special Performance: Tanoura Dance Performance dan juga Live Cooking Show. Tanoura dance spectacular show will be available during the month of Ramadan and can be seen starting at 19.00 Pm.

closing his explanation, Navilah Rahmanina could share information about Friday Barbecue Night which will still be available and accompany iftar guests every Friday during Ramadan.