Palmboom Grand Baking Demo

On 21 March 2019 then, PT SMART Tbk held Palmboom Grand Baking Demo The Allium Tangerang Hotel. The objective of the Palmboom Grand Baking Demo by theme "The Legendary Taste"Is for men-support loyal user Palm tree by providing new recipe ideas that are creative and innovative.

in accordance with tagline of Palm treeGoodness From Heritage”, of course, the recipes made using traditional materials.

Palmboom Grand Baking Demo attended by 170 participants from the industry players baking, Ingredients Cake Shop, SMEs, and community baking. PT SMART Tbk invites Bakery & Pastry Professional and Brand Ambassador of Palm tree, Lenny Limiyati as demonstrators event. There 6 recipe (sweet and savory) which is demonstrated by Lenny Limiyati, and besides that Lenny also give some tips in the manufacture of such products.

"We hope with this event, user Palm tree satisfied with the support we provide so that users will continue to loyal and giving review good. We also hope, with prescriptions given and demonstrated to be useful to further improve the business and variants item sold by the participants,"Sofilia Tokarso, Brand Manager of PT SMART Tbk submit his explanation to BARECA.

Author: Alvina Wikarn to

Photographers: Hendri Wijaya