8 Large Candidate Master Choco 2019

After the race kesukseskan Choco Master 2017 on 2 last year , This year BARECA along with Wheat Mas Kencana (GMK), chocolate manufacturer Colatta, re-entered the race Choco Master second. Race Choco Master 2019 aims to improve the professionalism, ability, and an opportunity for activists pastry. Since November 2018 until February 2019, jury Choco Master 2019 already chosen 16 participants from various regions in Indonesia.

Celebration of Wheat Mas Kencana PT by the PJ Danang Wikandaru

Visits Factory PT Wheat Mas Kencana

Before the race starts, peserta diajak mengunjungi pabrik PT Gandum Mas Kencana untuk melihat proses pembuatan cokelat Colatta dan juga menjelaskan tentang perlombaanChoco Master 2019. Event was opened by remarks of P.J. Danang Wikandaru as General Manager Sales & Marketing PT GMK. The event was also attended by several representatives of PT Wheat Mas Kencana, Sri Utami (Marketing Manager), Tia Hariani (Brand Manager B2B), Prasetyo A. Yudhistira (Group Brand Manager), and several other staff.

Remarks from Ir Peter Gandamana, BARECA Magazine Chief Editor and Chairman of the Choco Master Operator 2019

Event followed by a reception and presentation by Mr. Peter Gandamana (Chief Editor Bareca Magazine) explaining the rules regarding race, assessment criteria, and also a question and answer session about the race. After lunch, participants are invited to visit the chocolate making Colatta. Event date 25 March 2019 The closed with the presentation apron race mark the beginning of the race.

Selection 8 Large Candidate Master Choco 2019

The first selection round, participants are asked to make the creation of choux pastry combined with filling of fruit and chocolate decoration. Each participant has a time 4 hours to make 10 piece choux pastry which are interesting. Participants rated by 3 board of jury, namely:

  • Peter Gandamana (Chief Executive Choco Master 2019)
  • Chef Heru Run (Master pastry chef, Own Maison Weiner, and founder of the Indonesian Baking Academy)
  • Chef Dishes Halim (Winner Choco Master 2017, owner of Delicate Patisserie, and Pastry Instructor and Consultant)

"Earlier before the race it felt tense, then during the race turned out to be quite happy and not at the beginning semenegangkan. Here I gained experience and new insights in the world pastry."Said Nia Angelina, Participants from Jambi, about feelings follow the race.

The participants felt that the race Choco Master 2019 is an event to hone skills, gained knowledge and experience, and also add a network relationship. After participating in the selection process, Participants felt relieved and hope to continue to the next stage.

According to Chef Riady Halim, to match the international scale, participants should be able to behave in a professional manner in which all the preparation has to be perfect and give the best. All participants were assessed've done the best looks of how to manufacture the product. The event is suitable for participants to hone skills; they can find out the errors and can fix it to make a better product.

The judging process Choco Master Candidates' Work 2019

List 8 Kandidat Semifinal Choco Master 2019

The following are the names 8 candidate semis Choco Master 2019 (in no particular order) who will move on to semis; Gilang Ramadhan (Jakarta), Gina Salsabila Tazya (Duo), Nono Maringan Butar Butar (Bali), Listen Patimah (Batam), Rahma Nabila Ramkar (Sukabumi), Sugiarto (Jakarta), Tice Mega Rahayu (Duo), Viona (While).

Author: Alvina Wikarn to

Photographers: Kanno Sardella