Back Office Bistro, “A Hidden Gem” in Kelapa Gading

'A hidden gem', That's the slogan of the Back Office Bistro. At the beginning opened in November 2017, Arwin Effendi, Back Office Bistro owner and chairman of Gama Culinary Group recognizes, if the Back Office Bistro had experienced difficulties to compete with other eating places in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

The interior of the Back Office Bistro

"The location is the main road back to the shop that makes this place hard to find. However, along with the incessant promotion that we do through social media, Back Office Bistro is now becoming known by more and more residents of Kelapa Gading,"The man who is familiarly called this Arwin said.

Arwin then talked about the beginning of establishing Back Office Bistro where previously established bistro, shop where the location is back office of Gama Culinary.

"Then we made a kitchen on the first floor to create menus experiment, from there came the idea to create coffee shop. However, here is already too much coffee shop, eventually the idea was changed. We also chose to establish a bistro which sells menus non conventional,” Arwin explains.

Applying the concept of Serving Healthy

many coffee and a new restaurant in Jakarta, including in the area of ​​Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Arwin admitted making the competition in the food business is getting tougher. Arwin see the food being served in coffee or restaurant similar to each other.

Thus the, Arwin want to apply the concept of different food in the Back Office Bistro. By looking at growing food trend in market, Arwin claimed to be interested in diet leads to healthy food.

"The menu of healthy food with good taste into the concept of the food served in the Back Office Bistro. Obviously with the visual appearance of food interesting and appetizing. Inspiration of food in the Back Office Bistro also be obtained from food that is a trend on the internet and social media,"Arwin back says.

Salmon Tartare, Poke Bowl, and Smashed Avocado

For an appetizer, Back Office Bistro has a menu Salmon Tartare. Alloy red color of tomatoes, green of avocado butter, and orange of the chunks of salmon make the display look fresh food. The taste of Salmon Tartare also light and appetizing meal.

Poke Bowl

Best seller menu-it is Poke Bowl. Back Office Bistro serves Poke Bowl with a twist interesting is wearing a sesame sauce. Moreover, Poke Bowl to Back Office Bistro memberikan pilihan nasi putih atau quinoa as base-new. Perpaduan warna antara salmon, saus wijen, avocado, dan beberapa tambahan topping lainnya membuat tampilan Poke Bowl menarik dan menggiurkan.

Smashed Avocado

Selain Poke Bowl, salah satu menu yang juga sedang digemari adalah Smashed Avocado. Makanan ini terdiri dari roti gandum, smoked beef, alpukat mentega yang dihaluskan, poached egg, serta disajikan dengan honey mustard and salad. Makanan ini memang cocok sebagai menu sarapan yang sehat dan bergizi. Rasa dari Smashed Avocado ini sangat creamy dan gurih, namun ringan di mulut.

Author: Alvina Wikarn to

Photographers: Kanno Sardella