Henshin, Nikkei cuisine enjoy while seeing the sights of Jakarta

Henshin derived from the Japanese language changed. The restaurant was on the floor 67 cathedral 69 The Westin Jakarta has a different concept of space on each floor.

Interior in henshin

Judging from the interior per floor, so guests who enter into this restaurant will feel the change in atmosphere. Henshin located in the tallest building in Indonesia, no wonder many guests who come to taste eat while seeing the sights of Jakarta.

Cook Nikkei

around the year 1800, Japanese people go to go to Peru because they think there is a gold mine in the country. From where cuisine Nikkei created. According to Chef Hajime Kasuga, Head Chef Henshin di The Westin Jakarta, cuisine Nikkei itself is a combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. Chef Hajime Kasuga is the only chief Nikkei which introduced the concept of cuisine Nikkei of Indonesia.

Peru, cuisine Nikkei itself has become a trend in which the Japanese restaurant there also presents at least one dish Nikkei. One type of cuisine Nikkei famous is Acebichado Roll, a sushi roll which combines basic seasoning tiger’s milk.

Acebichado Roll

Ceviche itself is a Peruvian dish consisting of raw fish meat is flavored with lemon, lemon, coriander, and other additional seasoning, then served with sauce tiger’s milk.

"When this sauce is mixed with raw fish meat then it will turn white like milk and because of the taste of spicy and sour sauce then anyone who has tried will 'react like a tiger',"Said Chef Hajime.

Avocado application on cuisine Nikkei

According to Peter-Paul Kleiss, Food & Beverage Manager Henshin, there is 11 menus using avocado served in henshin. Peter explained that one of the programs of The Westin is promoting a healthy lifestyle to guests and one of them with nutritious foods such as avocado. Being an ingredient in cooking Nikkei, Avocado is also one super food which has many benefits for the body.

King Crab Salad

Then there is King Crab Salad, namely Alaskan crab and avocado salad served with avocado cucumber sauce. Chef Hajime creating this menu because you want to lift the Alaska crab flavor by adding avocado in it.

The material is in one menu best seller Itu A ce bichado roll. Acebichado Roll consists of sushi roll with tempura shrimp and avocado in it, topping chunks of tuna meat and sauce tiger’s milk mixed with cream. taste of roll This is different from the sushi roll Other, mix tiger’s milk and cream give a "kick" in the mouth.

Henshin also use local products, namely abalone from Lombok to create a menu Abalone Tiradito; abalone cooked with a sauce dashi and served with avocado sauce.

Bareca Sushi

On this occasion, Chef Hajime make special dishes for BARECA Magazine namely Bareca Sushi. Chef Hajime explained that the sushi is made of sushi rice with topping crabmeat and mayonnaise with togarashi, then wrapped with avocado slices and sprinkled quinoa which had been fried.

Bareca Sushi is not served in the menu, but guests can order it directly to the Chef Hajime. Especially for readers BARECA Magazine, Chef Hajime also happy to share the recipe Bareca Sushi in this edition.

Author: Alvina Wikarn to

Photographers: Kanno Sardella