Anchor Chef Competition 2019

On 21 February 2019 Denpasar Bali, Anchor Food Professionals (AFP)-business food service from Fonterra Brands Indonesia, held Anchor Chef Competition in Taman Bhagawan, Bali.

Anchor Chef Competition Winners

Anchor Chef Competition 2019 theme Indonesian Fusion followed by 38 Participants were divided into two categories, namely competition Pastry Challenge followed 19 participants and Culinary Challenge followed by 19 participant.

For chief the competition is expected to create a creative and innovative dishes themed Indonesia combined with dairy products from AFP.

Para Juri Anchor Chef Competition

According to Brian Juan, Marketing Manager PT Fonterra Brands Indonesia, Anchor Chef Competition aimed at developing the ability chief and increase the potential of Indonesian cuisine. Besides Bali became one of the famous tourist destinations, AFP chose Bali as the venue for this competition because Bali has a culinary potential is very promising and has ties chief a strong.

"The biggest challenge of this competition is how to process dairy products into a product pastry. Generally, to make products pastry made of dairy product require sufficient air conditioning. With Bali hot air condition, despite being in the room, for chief must be able to process the milk products. This is where the creativity of the chief tested. So far I am very impressed with what has been shown by the participants,” Chef Steven Ong, one of the judges of AFP Regional Chef for Pastry Challenge, says.

Rate This competition has five aspects: Mise en Place, Correct Professional Preparation, Service, Presentation & Innovation, and Taste. In addition to Chef Steven Ong and representatives chief AFP Regional, there are also representatives from Indonesian Indonesian culinary expert Chef Associationdan.

winner announcement

Walk with a rousing closing ceremony, begins with dinner and accompaniment of the song and was greeted with a foreword from the judges and representatives of Fonterra Brands Indonesia. Then the MC announced the winner; winner Anchor Chef Competition 2019 which consists of a champion 1, 2, and 3 category Pastry Challenge and Culinary Challenge, Also added favorite winner based on the number likes of Instagram.

Winner Culinary Challenge Toni won by I Ketut Putra Ambara of Bvlgari Resort Bali with hidanganJimbaran menu Seafood Chicken Sensation and Tortelini Rica-Rica. The first winner for Pastry Challenge is Stefen Gunawan of Indigo Hotel Bali. As for the winner of the favorite won by I Wayan Putra Aditya Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa in category Culinary Challenge and I Nyoman Bayu Jayandana Hyatt Regency Bali in category Pastry Challenge.

The use of Flavor of Indonesia including Bali in Products Pastry

BARECA Magazine had interviewed Stefen virtuous, The first champion of Pastry Challenge. Stephen made creations are called Velvet Dream chocolate cheesecake combined with black sticky tape. He had prepared himself for a little over a month to make the concept cake-then ask his opinion of teammates. Stefen are familiar of course with local flavor in Indonesia, including Bali because of a sense that is often used in the place he worked, then Stefen want to lift the sense of the creation.

Velvet Dream

Keep achieving, keep digging yourself, to hone a skill, and enthusiastic in the world pastry. I will continue career in pastry and continue to develop myself and my abilities,"Stephen said, ending the interview with BARECA Magazine.

Author & Photographers: Alvina Wikarn to