It’s My Cake, Venturing From Home Based Business

Before It's My Cake into a stall bakery, This effort only home-based business course. Starting from studying the raw material of imported products, especially milk-based products, mixed with local raw materials using a variety of methods or techniques agitation takes, process, and the exact formulation, brothers Zaenoedin and Zayadi start trying to make cake of various raw materials such.

It's My Cake effort has been known since the year 2005 where many cake orders sent to the agency office and perbankkan.Seiring passage of time with the increase in orders from mouth to mouth, in 2011 opened the first outlet of It's My Cake in Jalan Cipete Raya, South Jakarta. Currently, It's My Cake has 7 well bakery where 6 outlets located in South Jakarta and Tangerang, whereas 1 outlets in Bandung.

"We will continue to develop this business. Year 2019, we have plans to open several more outlets in Jakarta,"Chef Indra, Pastry Chef and representatives of It's My Cake, open conversation.

introduce Variety Cake International at Affordable Prices

It's My Cake has a concept to introduce a wide cake international such as Tiramisu, Black Forest, Red Velvet and so on, at affordable prices, to segments of society that had never tasted. In addition, because the desire of the owners to create new jobs and provide skill to the workers in order to compete in the world pastry.

To create cake international at affordable prices, Chef Indra combines premium quality materials with standard quality materials, so that cake has a flavor that remains palatable and acceptable to society, but in terms of prices are still affordable. With the high competition of the culinary business, Chef Indra recognizes the need lot of effort to devise strategies in order to survive.

In It's My Cake also available event Mother's Day and Teacher's Day are made by customers who came. This is supported by the location of It's My Cake adjacent to schools so that many students who come to buy cake the teacher or mother.

Chocolate Chill dan Tiramisu Chocolate

Chill Chocolate and Chocolate Tiramisu is two cake which is the favorite choice of the customer It's My Cake. Chocolate Chill consists of 3 layered sponge cake with chocolate mousse as filling-new, while Tiramisu Chocolate is tiramisu cake coupled with chocolate mousse. The chocolate flavor into the main flavor in both cake this.

Chef Indra chose chocolate because chocolate is a flavor that is more suited to the Indonesian tongue. Besides these two cake this, Red Velvet and Black Forest Cake also be cake customer favorite It's My Cake.

Black Forest Cake

Tips to Make Cake

To make the cake good-quality, Chef Indra is keeping the treatment and selection of materials because it will greatly affect the final result its products. Likewise with shaking technique cake which is determined by the type cake what will be made and how long it takes.

"For example, if you want to make cake which did not take long, Use all in method. But if you want to make cake with a nice and soft texture can use foaming method or creaming method. Basic materials cake must be treated carefully studies cake also up,"Similarly, Indra Chef closing his explanation.

Author: Alvina Wikarn to

Photographers: Kanno Sardella