PT. Kraft Foods Indonesia will educate Cheese Society Qualified

Kraft brand is already very widely known by community. As a company that sells products raw materials for HoReCa business and Bakery, Kraft constantly introduce its products to the public, one way to participate in every exhibition of food and drinks.

"Kraft seeks to support the growth of industrial bakery and other food businesses by providing high-quality raw materials cheese. How to socialize is active in the food and beverage exhibition. In addition to product introductions, we also strive to educate the public to cheese quality,"Betta say Fabryce, Assistant Brand Manager Cheese PT KRAFT Foods Indonesia saat ditemui di pameran Interfood lalu.

Seeing that there are big names, Kraft certainly has a strength in the eyes of the customer. Addition of products that can meet the needs of consumers and industry, Kraft also successfully build an image which can boost the business of the consumer. Currently Kraft has a partnership program (partnership) with consumers, one of which is to branding their efforts to increase consumer business.

"Right now Kraft is focusing martabak help businesses and Bakery with their efforts to branding that buyers believe the quality of the cheese is used where it would have an effect on the increase in sales turnover,"Obviously Pingkan.

When slighted about cheese competition in the homeland, Pingkan respond to the competition fair and very positive. "With so many competitors means making bigger cheese market. Ultimately the consumer will decide and see not just the price factor, but all aspects that benefit both parties,"Said Pingkan.

Featured Kraft Cheese Products
As the leading cheese companies in Indonesia, Kraft has a variety of cheese products with the advantages of each, between Kraft Cheddar, Kraft Bakery Cheese, and a new variant Kraft Cheese Filling. For Kraft Cheddar has a savory flavor with a texture that is solid but not easily destroyed. Moreover, These products are often used by sellers martabak & bakery bakery-centric feel, quality, and presentation products, because KRAFT Cheddar cheese has all the advantages required employers.

If the employers are looking for the cheese topping, especially for applications that are not baked, Kraft has a superior taste Bakery Cheese with delicious milk & not easily dried cheese Bakery is well suited for this application. Recently also launched Kraft Kraft Cheese Filling stuffing devoted to applications and can be easily mixed with other materials. Kraft Cheese Filling has a soft texture that can be used as a substitute for cream cheese.

Educating Through the Market Baking Demo
Kraft not only sell products but also have a loyalty program to provide education to the consumer with loyal customers through baking demo. As in the exhibition Interfood ago, Kraft is presenting four Baking Instructor Chef Sunaryo, Baking Instructor of BCC (Baking and Chef Center), Chef Airin, Chef Prima, They should under Chef Shandy.

The fourth instructor demonstrating recipes with Kraft cheese applications which may provide new ideas for the visitors. "In contrast to last year Interfood, This time Kraft held an internal demo where we have the stage alone in a booth Kraft. Every day, we show instructors to share recipes and the latest innovations using Kraft cheese,"Said Pingkan.

On the first day, baking demo opened with a performance of Chef Sunaryo make Brownies Puff Pastry is a blend between Brownies and Puff pastry. It uses the Kraft Cheese to mix dough Bakery Brownies. "Kraft Cheese Bakery has a more milky taste making it suitable for a variety of mixed dough, including Brownies dough though,” tutur Chef Sunaryo.

Hanna, one student at the state university of Jakarta department saw enthusiastic Catering Chef baking demo Sunaryo. According to the woman who claimed to faithfully use this Kraft cheese, Brownies made in Puff Pastry Chef Sunaryo an innovation that had never found before. “Brownies dan puff, This recipe tastes can be used as inspiration ahead to create a new recipe to hone my talent,"He said. Selain Brownies Puff Pastry, Chef Sunaryo also made two other recipes that Choux (Kue Sus) dan Cheese Sweet Bread.

On the second day of baking demos hosted by Chef Airin that made three innovations with Kraft cheese products, Pia namely ala Kraft Cheese, Rissoles Cheese Mayonnaise, dan Poffertcheese. Menurut Chef Airin, taste of Kraft cheese familiar to people so do not need further adjustment in the tongue of Indonesian. "That's the advantage of processed cheese using Kraft's where the flavor has become a standard in the tongue of Indonesia,"Chef ujar Airin.

The third day of baking demo presents Chef Prima makes Taiwanese Kraft Sweet Bread, Double Baked Chiffon Keju Kraft, Kraft Cheese and Sweet Martabak. While on the last day Kraft presents Chef Shane Dylant which makes foods gaining popularity in Indonesia, namely Cronut and Crispy Layered Panada.

Pingkan wish to actively participate in the exhibition Kraft cheese can be trusted to be a business partner of the consumer. "Because we are not just selling products but also provide education and innovation with the demo program for loyal customers we serve Kraft cheese,"The Betta.

Written by Marisa Aryani
Photo by Hendri Wijaya