Kitchen Lease and Demo Room

Baking and Chef Center (BCC) special offers for those who need space for events such as baking demos technical meeting, seminar, new product launch, promotion, gathering, training, research or product testing, and disposable tour. Capacity 25 person, BCC is supported by a reliable team and assist in preparing the proceedings. Many large companies are satisfied with the services that we provide, inter alia PT. Kraft Foods Indonesia, PT. Pandurasa Kharisma, PT. Brenntag Indonesia, Cimory, Singapore International School (SIS), Baby Jumper Gym, and much more.

Facilities provided include:
– Slide projector
– Tea and coffee for coffee break
– Various auxiliaries baking and cooking, such as mixers (planetary & spiral), oven (convection & deck), dough sheeter, dough moulder, freezer, chiller, and profer.

The requirements are as follows:
– The use of more than 6 hours are subject to a surcharge of USD. 500.000,-/jam
– The price includes tax but not yet
– Price is not including rental power chef / baker, lunch, banner, and banners
– As we provide the documentation video shooting at an additional cost Rp. 1.500.000,-

Access road to BCC fairly easily passed, BCC is located in a strategic area in Sentra Kelapa Gading Business. Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading, blok A6A no. 15. Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. For further information please visit the website or contact Ms. Imelda 021 458 745 75 / 021 261 060 24.

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