Angel in-us Coffee: Classy Medium dish with Price

Although still a newcomer, Angel in-us Coffee have got hearts in the community prevented the in Jakarta as a hang-out. Started this habit presence in-us Coffee Angel is able to feel effective for lovers of high-flavored coffee. Being under the umbrella of the Lotte Group, Angel-in-us Coffee is a shop dedicated to coffee lovers who present with the advanced taste of the cup of pleasure.

"Different concepts we show in Angel in-us Coffee. Usually coffee shops selling convenience more than the taste of the coffee itself, but we are present in addition to promoting comfort also rely on a very strong blend of coffee with the taste of Indonesian society,"Tegas Goenardjoadi Goenawan, Marketing Director PT. Lottery Indonesia.

Presenting more than 30 variants specials menu, mulai dari Java Chocolate Chip Frappe, Cookies and Cream Frappe, Strawberry Smoothie, Vanilla Caramel Macchiato, Caramel Macchiato, and so forth, Angel in-us Coffee is always committed to keeping standard in each stall. "The most fundamental difference between the Angel-in-us Coffee with other coffee outlets located from a mixture of four types of coffee beans include Arabica from Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia as well as the type of robusta,"Said Kim Ki Sun as well as the General Manager of Product Development PT. Lottery Indonesia .

In an interview, South Korean man explains, "Quality coffee beans can be seen from the outer layer. If oily and shiny tend to mean the freshness of the coffee beans have been declining. For espresso lovers who are sensitive to the aroma and flavor of a coffee, of course they will pay attention to the beans we use. "

Taking the middle segment, Angel-in-us Coffee serves drinks high flavor but at an affordable price. With a special menu of treats, Angel-in-us Coffee can be an alternative choice as a place to gather and establish business relationships. Currently Angel in-us Coffee comes in several retail outlets in Jakarta Lottemart, ie Kelapa Gading, Fatmawati, and Plastica. "In the near future, Our plans will add the latest outlet of Angel in-us Coffee,"Expressions Kim Ki Sun.

Written by Marisa Aryani
Photo by Hendri Wijaya