Java Egg Specialities: Liquid Egg Industry First in Indonesia

One of the essential ingredients for making bread and cake is egg. In line with technological developments, currently made liquid egg industry in Indonesia, which was initiated by the Java Egg Specialities. Boediono Stretcher, Chief Operating Officer Java Egg Specialities, there is no other company in Indonesia, which developed a liquid egg product until the year 2008 liquid egg industry established in the industrial complex Cikupa Mas Banten and is a pioneer in this industry.
"The idea originally came from the food processing industry in the Netherlands, they use liquid egg as an ingredient bakunya. After I browse, turns liquid egg industry in Europe has been a great,"Boediono said. Wlalupun when the liquid egg market in Indonesia is still minimal, and to produce liquid egg pasteurization require technology that is not easy and a great investment, Boediono saw no potential will be achieved when he founded the liquid egg industry in Indonesia. "Many entrepreneurs are afraid of producing liquid egg in Indonesia because of two factors, first because it is a great investment. Both because of its market that does not exist and still rely on imports from abroad thus making employers afraid to start. But I am optimistic liquid egg industry in Indonesia will be developed as in Europe and other Asian Countries,"Said Boediono.

Build Market in Indonesia
Boediono said a struggle to build liquid egg market in Indonesia. Ease will come when a bakery has a chef who came from outside Indonesia. "In liquid egg industry abroad is more popular than the Indonesian,"Boediono said. Not only from bakers, Java Egg Specialities market is also evolving to food service and industrial.

Despite the higher price of liquid egg 20% compared with whole eggs generally, many advantages offered by these processed products, among other more practical, hygienic, and in terms of economic, This product can also minimize damage to the product. "For example, when buying eggs that journey one broken egg means the egg can not be used anymore. Worse yet, the broken eggs contaminate the other eggs and cause odor so that there will be approximately 5-6 eggs are wasted,"Boediono said.

To pattiseries and backery that use egg yolk only, purchases that have been separated egg yolk is practically, besides do not have to worry about garbage eggshells, also do not need to sell the egg white as a byproduct, that sometimes in the difficult time before Ms for sale.

Pasteurisasi Liquid Egg
To keep from harmful bacteria, Boediono impose egg pasteurization process in the melting process. At first solved from shell eggs using egg breaking machine is then separated between the yolk and the egg white with the egg separating machine automatically. If you want to make a whole egg between yellow and white can be put back together later in the homogenization.
Once the process is, mengilangkangkan pasteurized eggs for pathogenic bacteria including salmonella. The pasteurization process is roughly equal to pasteurized milk but is more sensitive than the eggs with milk. "Proper pasteurization temperature for the eggs is 68oC – 70oC, maximum is 72oC. If more than the temperature, eggs will mature and will appear on the machine's crust pasteurisasinya, whereas when too low pathogenic bacteria will not die. Therefore, temperature control is very important in this egg pasteurization process,"Said Boediono. The next process is composed of storage 2 manner that is chilled to 4 ° C and can withstand up to 21 days and frozen which can hold up to 6 months.

Commitment to the farmer
When the initial set up of this industry, Boediono explained like to take the egg supply of a small egg farmers. But apparently the situation in Indonesia will not allow it so he chose to take an egg from a chicken farmer great. "Breeders small chickens in Indonesia can not stand the prices fluctuate so that when the price of eggs dropped, Many of them out of business because of the lack of good cash flow management.
The second factor is the disease. Large chicken farmers already have a good system Biosecurity up Hygienic. After all not just anyone can get into their farm,"Boediono said. Farm management yang professional, such as automatic feeding, setting lights for chicken also be one of the factors that are important to produce good eggs. "Light for chicken should not be too dark or too bright. If the dark, chicken will be more sleep and that means going a little spawn. Productivity chicken eggs good for as much as 28 items in a month,"Said Boediono.
Policies Java Egg Specialities is the only process without doing farming egg laying hens. Therefore, Boediono should really choose a good farm as a supplier of eggs. "Before processing, We held a random check of the quality of the eggs in. Good eggs are free of salmonella and the shell must be in a clean state. Eggs should also be fresh egg is the maximum age is 5 days after produced by chickens,"Said Boediono.

Java Egg Specialities has proved sweet liquid egg processing business. Moreover, also produced more eggs derived products, such as mayonnaise and salad dressings, with Euro Gourmet brand and Mamayo. "Raw material that most of mayonnaise and salad dressings eggs but not soybean oil. Eggs are used as a flavoring and soy oil emulsion composition 60%, considers 8%, and the remaining water with other herbs,"Boediono said.

Written by Marisa Aryani, Photo by Hendri Wijaya