The mine, Legendary Food From China

All noodles originated in China, at least that's what came out of utterance Executive Chinese Chef of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Foong Wai Long, acara of La Mian Festival, 13 June 2012. In development, several other countries have also adopted this food as their national menu. Call it the spaghetti from Italy and ramen from Japan. On the other hand, The mine, legendary food from China is always made by hand (bare-hands) without the help of machines slightest. La Mian noodles often known as tensile.

The noodles were believed to have existed for hundreds of years was processed with a simple seasoning anyway. “The mine, made from wheat flour, eggs and salt,” Chef Foong while demonstrating clear folding technique La Mian. To make La Mian more flexible, added flour made from special rice. In China flour is known by the name May. This is because the La Mian manufacturing techniques should be drawn repeatedly until thin, and without May, the noodle dough will break up. Moreover, Chef Foong also suggested to use high protein flour. “High protein flour is easier to be drawn,” Chef reason that originated from Malaysia is.

In addition to the typical texture, La Mian is assured in terms of health. The noodles are served without flavoring or other chemicals. Even for its own gravy, La Mian not use flavorings or instant chicken broth. In making soup La Mian, Chef Foong using an old chicken and cook in low heat for 8 jam, besides it also added carrots to get interesting color. "If you're using an old chicken, then taste the broth will be stronger,” jelas Chef Foong.

Written by : Dody Wiraseto
Photo by : Murenk