PT. Kharisma Multi Usaha Bakery, Cake & Ice Cream Supplier

PT. Kharisma Multi Usaha Bakery, Cake & Ice Cream Supplier

PT. Multi Kharisma Efforts (Charisma) is a supplier of raw materials for bakery, cake shop dan ice cream cafe. Charisma is known as a distributor for several brands ranging from Dreidoppel (German) with flavor / essence of his, then there Kraftkorn Mix, which is a bread product mix Ulmer Spatz, pastry products such as margarine and Croissant Fin Platte Goldzieth of MeisterMarken (German) dan Pralin Croquant, Apricot NapFix Serta Delice Instant dari produk Marguerite (France). Meistermarken, Ulmer Spatz, and Marguerite is a subsidiary of CSM International.

"Those who have long been in the bakery business, cake and ice cream shop cafe certainly well acquainted with our brandbrand. We chose the hotel, bakery, cake and ice cream shop cafe upper middle segment as the products we import are premium quality products,” jelas FX Judy Leonard, founder and Director Kharisma.

To support the sales of its products, Kharisma equip themselves with a team of Technical Bakery, Technical pastry and also assisted by the Technical Consultant of the principal German. With the support of a team of technical, Kharisma able to serve every customer complaints, both in terms of how the use and application of products, to provide maximum results for its customers.

Especially for the distribution of products outside the city, Charisma aided by the distributors who are scattered in various major cities in Indonesia. Judy admitted focused on addressing market in major cities to suit the target market of the bakery, cake and ice cream shop cafe upper middle class. Various series of products Charisma Charisma products generally consist of products manufactured by Dreidoppel include baking flavor (semi liquid), fruit and aroma paste yang bake stable, fruit aroma paste non baking, ice cream base mix them like Trirapido,dan Cream Ice Cream Stabilizer Capacitor, Caserta Royal Cream Stabilizer-nya Fond Tiramisu,

Pastarom flavor is part of a product that does not contain alcohol Dreidoppel. For the products of Meistermarken and Ulmer Spatz distributed Kharisma includes Roggenmehl, (Plain Rye Flour), Roggenfix More (Rye Bread Mix), Wholemeal Bread Mix, Barley force Mix, Goldkorn Mix, Vollkorn Mix. Then there Samupan 500 dan VX 2 T (bread improver), Diabaguette 10%, Diamalt, Ice, Hazelnut (ground) content material in the form of bread, Danish, pie and cake. Also available Meister cherry fruit filling, EIS Krem (butter cream), M. Knusper (Florentine Mix), M.Goldzieh Platte (pastry maragarine),and M. Crescent End (pastry margarine) .

For Marguerite products include Instant Delice (instant custard powder), Nap’Fix Apricot (glazing), Praline Croquant, Pate D’Amande 50% and 33% (almond pate) serta fondant blanc (white sugar). Faithful Giving Best Value For Customers During the run the business, Judy was impressed to have this opportunity to serve the customers of international hotels which generally have a Chef from foreign countries, so that he can get to know the character of people from many countries. "Especially for a local bakery and cake shop, I used to give feedback to their. I was amazed and impressed to learn that they now have become a large, successful entrepreneur,"Cut Judy.

By having a series of world class quality products, long experience and seriousness and diligence to serve customers well, then no wonder the name of the producer or Kharisma among professionals engaged in the bakery business, cake ice cream shop and café known good reputation and always be the first choice in the list of companies whose products will use them.


Written by Edwin Pangestu