PD. Aluminum pan Craftsman brother of Tarikolot

In making the design attractive cake or bread, pan has an important role in shaping the dough. Currently, in Indonesia there are many manufacturers of brass and prints by a variety of, one of them is a PD. Relatives who are in the area Tarikolot, Coventry.


Tarikolot region is known as the maker of the pan as well as some bread and pastry making equipment required by the manufacturer or even a cottage industry. Almost all of the residents who live here become artisans the tools required by the bakery. Intense competition in the local craftsmen make each competing to make the best product so as to satisfy the customers.


"I made a baking dish and other equipment needed for making bread and cakes with the best quality materials. I have to import raw materials from the field which is known to have the best type of aluminum,"Expressions Bayhaki, PD owners. Brother.


Various size and thickness of Loyang

PD. Brother also manufactures various types of trays as, brass for cake, Roti tawar, roti manis, pan for burgers and much more. PD. Brother offers a wide selection of sizes ranging from 20x20 cm baking dish, 36X36 cm, 45X45 cm, 40X60 cm and many more.


"All the materials used are aluminum, as the use of other materials such as iron smell kalvalum will cause the results of the products made. Moreover kalvalum material does not pass the health test by RI Health Department,"Kata Bayhaki. Further adding Bayhaki, if using aluminum pan so the batter will mature faster due to the nature of the fast aluminum heat dissipates.


For the thickness of the aluminum, Bayhaki explained that in his shop accept orders according to the needs of each consumer. Measure the thickness of the brass in the market is 0,8 – 0,9 mm, but according Bayhaki, The ideal thickness of the pan is 1,2 mm. The thicker the pan will be more durable. "Loyang belongs to PD. You also already distributed throughout Indonesia and to some companies such as bread bakery Bogor one that has long been using a baking sheet and other equipment from PD.Saudara,"Obviously Bayhaki.


Despite being in the area that each citizen has the same profession, but orders baker and pastry equipment from various manufacturers to PD. You do not ever stop. This indicates the growth of the bakery business was growing in Indonesia.


Written by Devti Makmur Akbar, Photo by Murenk