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One of the raw materials of bread the most important in the process of making bread is soft yeast or yeast. Yeast are living microorganisms that reproduce by means of consuming sugar. The primary function is to develop a yeast dough.

Dough development occurs because yeast produces carbon dioxide gas (CO2) during fermentation. This gas is then trapped in the network of gluten that causes the bread to expand. Other components which are formed during the fermentation process is acid and alcohols that contribute to the flavor and aroma of bread, however, the alcohol will evaporate in the process of roasting bread. The introduction of the yeast characteristics of various manufacturers it is easier for the baker to know the yeast is required in accordance with the requirements.

Type - Type Yeast
Yeast breads are generally divided into 3 type, yakni fresh yeast/ragi basah (compressed yeast), instant dry yeast dan active dry yeast.

1. Fresh Yeast/Ragi Basah (Compressed Yeast)
This type of yeast has a moisture content of approximately 70%, so it must be stored at a temperature 20 -50C to prevent loss of gas-forming. Once the packaging is opened, This type of yeast generally will not last long, only about 2-3 days provided they remain in the low temperature. This yeast is also more sensitive to salt and should be separated during mixing. The advantages of fresh yeast is more tolerant of cold water / ice, more soluble, especially in the short mixing process, and has a distinctive aroma that can not be found in other types of yeast.

2. Instant Dry Yeast/Ragi Kering Instan
Instant yeast is a type of yeast that is most often used as a more practical application. This type of yeast finely granular light brown and has a distinctive aroma of yeast bread. Due to the low water content, This type of yeast is quite safe to use in tropical countries with high levels of humidity like Indonesia. The use of yeast dose is only about 1%-2,5% of flour weight. Storage should be in this type of yeast in an airtight container and stored in a dry and cool temperatures or in the chiller. For best results, This type of yeast should be used up within 48 hours after finishing open.

3. Active Dry Yeast/Ragi Koral
Active Dry Yeast has a moisture content of approximately 7,5% and has a shape like a ball- small ball. This type of yeast in a manner to be activated first diluted with water before being added to the bread dough. Otherwise, then it will be difficult to mix the yeast so that the yeast inhibiting their power. In general, active dry yeast is used by more than 2x the amount of instant dry yeast. Which must be considered, yeast requires rehydration process (dissolution) with water at a temperature 380 – 400 C for about 15 minute.

Supplier of Ragi Indonesia
PT. Sangra Ratu Boga
Founded in 1989, PT. Sangra Queen Boga engaged in general trading including export and import. In the same year, PT. Sangra Queen Boga appointed as sole agent for the whole of Indonesia by Gist Brocades N. In, Holland which is a provider of Instant Yeast (instant dry yeast) the world's leading named Fermipan. In 1990, PT. Sangra Queen Catering set up a processing plant raw materials of bread, bread improver & premix advanced technology from Netherlands. One of the products of the baker's yeast PT. Sangra Queen Boga is Fermipan Brown and Red. Moreover, PT. Sangra Queen Boga also distributes Fermipan instant dry yeast in a sachet packaging for retail sale.

Fermipan Brown and Red
Fermipan Brown and Red comes with packaging 500 gr unnecessary dissolved beforehand. This yeast has a high ability to ferment and react in terms of the formation of gluten in the dough so that the maximum.

PT. Jaya Fermex
PT. Jaya Fermex is a national company focuses its business in the marketing and development of products for industrial raw materials of bread and cakes. PT. Jaya Fermex also known as the supplier of a complete yeast. Some yeast products from PT. Jaya Fermex of them:
1. Pinnacle Compressed Yeast
Is a type of fresh yeast, shaped blocks and no preservatives so it must be kept in low temperature (20-40C). Comes with 20 packs×500 g per carton making it suitable for bakery industry with considerable daily production. The number of these is the use of yeast 2-3 times as much of this type of instant yeast. "Unleavened bread freshly made stronger aroma and special. Many are loyal to fresh yeast because they felt they could not find the same fragrance if using instant yeast,"Ricky said Herlambang, Bakery Advisor PT Jaya Fermex.

2. Mauripan Gold Instant Dry Yeast
Is a kind of instant dry yeast that is present in the packaging industry, 20×500 g with card. Its use around 1-2 % of the weight of flour. Gold Instant Dry Yeast Mauripan not need to be dissolved in water prior to, that can be directly mixed into flour.

3. Pinnacle Active Dry Yeast
Is a type of yeast bread active dry yeast is often also referred to as yeast coral. Seperti halnya sifat active dry yeast, then the application of this type of yeast should be dissolved even in advance, into the warm water temperature of 400C by comparison 1:4 (yeast:air) during 10-30 minute. Comes with 2 packaging options ie 1×15 kg plastic pail and 20×750 g with card.

PT. SAF Indonusa Jakarta
PT. SAF Indonusa a supplier who distributes raw materials such as yeast Bakery products, bread improver, softener and baking powder. Baker's yeast products are distributed brand SAF Instant, one of the famous brands of yeast in bakery industry in Indonesia and is one of the Lesaffre Group yeast product (France).
1. SAF Instant Gold
SAF Instant Gold is a kind of instant dry yeast can be used directly by mixing the yeast into the flour. This product is suitable to be applied in the manufacture of soft bread types Asian, soft and sweet type of bread that contains as much sugar 10% – 30% of the total weight of wheat flour.

2. SAF Instant Red
SAF Instant Red is more suitable for the type of sugared dough until 12% of the total weight of flour. This product is commonly used for applications bagels, English muffins, stick, flat bread, cracker, increasing, pan bread, donut dan pizza crust.

PT. Prambanan Kencana Angel Yeast Suppliers
PT. Prambanan Kencana Angel Yeast market products since the beginning of the year 2010. Angel Yeast is able to provide consistent and stable results for applications sweetbreads because the temperature in the room where the sweet bread production in Indonesia is not ideal. Angel Yeast has a high tolerance to these conditions so as to provide optimal results in a variety of ambient conditions. Angel Yeast itself is an international brand that has been marketed in more than 140 state.

Angel Yeast use aluminum foil in vacuum packaging that is capable of maintaining the quality for a long period of time. Angel Yeast is available in finishes 500 gr and sizes of cartons 20 x 500 Article. Angel Yeast yeast bread that is distributed by PT. Prambanan Kencana (PK) there is 3 is as follows :
1. Angel Yeast Blue
Baker's yeast for bread-making applications in sugar 0%-7% capable of delivering the optimal result in the development of bread dough with low sugar content. Very suitable for use in applications loaves Europe, Stick, French Bread or bread / toast bread with sugar levels under 7%.

2. Angel Yeast Brown
Baker's yeast for bread-making applications in sugar 8%-20% which gives the optimal results in the development of bread dough with a high sugar content. Very suitable for use in applications pone, sweet bread and toast bread with sugar 8% up. Yeast is very flexible and has a high tolerance ranges to changes (up / down) temperature production site. So it is very suitable for use in a variety of conditions and circumstances of production room temperature.

3. Angel Yeast White
Yeast for bread-making applications in sugar 8%-20%. Very suitable for use in applications pone, sweet bread and toast bread with sugar 8% upward at an economical price.


Written by Dewi Sri Rahayu
Photo by Dok. UN