Various Chocolate for Bakery

For a chocolatier, chef maupun bakery owner, a selection of chocolate products is a long-term business commitment. There are at least 2 The main factor is a major consideration for choosing a brand of chocolate that taste and handling. If a bakery decided to change the brand of chocolate, then they have to change the standard recipe again to adjust the taste and experiment regarding the handling of the new brown. To avoid this sort of thing, better consumers know in advance some chocolate brands available in Indonesia and its distributors.

PT FreyAbadi Indotama (TULIP)
TULIP The Embassy Of Chocolate is one of the local brand of chocolate once a pioneer in the chocolateering in Indonesia. "PT. FreyAbadi INDOTAMA as manufacturers who produce chocolate variant TULIP has a vision and mission to become a producer and provider of processed chocolate no.1 not only in Indonesia but also in the Asia-Pacific,"Jelas Louis Tanuhadi, TULIP Chocolate Ambassador. In 2011 Accreditation of Laboratory Freyabadi get Indonesian National Committee Aiso 17025, as laboratory chemical testing, physics and microbiology.

With this all the products produced by recognized security and cleanliness Freyabadi officially, making it safe for the consumers. PT FreyAbadi seriousness in innovating, TULIP makes chocolate variants remain credible in terms of quality by many consumers in Indonesia and the world.

TULIP Chocolate has 4 The main variants are set according to the classification of types of Real Chocolate (Coverage) dan Chocolatier Compound. Compound TULIP Chocolatier products have characteristics that almost resembles couverture, easily melted in the sense of making it more enjoyable consumed.

Several variants of the TULIP Chocolate Chocolate Of The Embassy

Chocolate Cover :

Hestia, is a kind of dark couverture chocolate products with a cocoa content of 56% The choice made from cocoa beans from cocoa plantations in Java and Ghana.

Aura, is a kind of dark couverture chocolate products with a cocoa content of 65% prepared from cocoa beans choice of cocoa plantations in Java, Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast) and Papua.

Milky, is a kind of milk couverture chocolate products with a cocoa content of 34%, The choice made from cocoa beans from cocoa plantations of Java and Ghana with high milk content.

Hestia, Aura and applied Lactea fit into the pastry and dessert products such as chocolate mousse and entremets high taste and distinctive aroma of chocolate with a strong. Ataupun sebagai ingredient chocolate soufflé, chocolate cremeux, flourless chocolate cake and other products included in the making of truffles and pralines that require filling chocolate flavor rock.

Bromo, is a product of chocolate couverture chips. "The only product of chocolate chips in Indonesia using the original cocoa fat (cocoa butter), resulting chocolate is so thick and pure,"Jelas Louis Tanuhadi. Properly used for bread and pastry products premium, or dessert that emphasizes high quality taste.

Chocolate Stick, adalah produk chocolate stick couverture, made of pure cocoa fat and juice that is high enough 52%. Suitable applied for stuffing / filling Venoiserrie products such as croissants and Danish Pastry. Comes with packaging 1,1 kg.

TULIP Compound (Dark, Milk, White)
Has a flavor that remains tasty and easy to melt. Properly used in breads and pastry products and dessert, seperti chocolate mousse, chocolate soufflé, ganache, coating and decoration as well as in the manufacture of pralines,dan truffles sauces

Wheat PT Kencana Mas (Colatta)
Is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Indonesia, which has stood since 1985. Dengan misi “To Delight People”, Wheat PT Kencana Mas Colatta chocolate manufacturers as popular with its flagship product line of chocolate compound. Chocolate compound has a character who is more heat resistant so that it matches with the temperature in tropical countries, such as Indonesia. "Surely this chocolate in the application can also be combined with the type of chocolate couverture. The taste of chocolate delights and typical Colatta make many customers can not switch,"Setia Iman Nugraha firm, Marketing Communications Manager PT Gandum Mas Kencana.

Various variants of Colatta Chocolate

Colatta Compound (Dark, Milk, White)
Made with vegetable fat and a special formula that produces a bad taste remained without going through the tempering process in its preparation. Can be applied to the manufacture of the outer shell pralines, lollipop dan truffles, Saucen ganache. It can also be used as a back-off range petit four or fillingnya.

Colatta cover (Dark, Milk, White)
The use of cocoa butter and cocoa mass made Colatta Couveture as one of couverture chocolate which has a delicate flavor with a consistency level of excellent chocolate. It is suitable to be applied in the manufacture of filling pralines and truffles, diverse mix of filling and pastry products such as gateaux éclair who want a distinctive taste of chocolate couverture. Is also very precise as one chocolate mousse ingredients and high taste entremets.

Colatta Chips (Compound Regular, Compound Mini, Regular coverage, Cloudy Low)
It is suitable applied as additional ingredients in the manufacture of a muffin, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream, or as a filling mix. Colatta Chocolate Chips have a more concentrated flavor that can add chocolate taste at all bakery and pastry products.