Qahwa Resto & Cafe Sole Middle Eastern Restaurants in London

Jl. Progo no. 1, Duo

Progo street has many restaurants with a unique building design. Namun Qahwa Resto & Café is one of the most eye-catching buildings that resemble typical Middle Eastern mosque. "Most people think of the Middle East is Egypt, when in fact widely. Start of Lebanon, Turkey, including the cities of Andalusia in Spain. Andalusia has a castle-style building in Europe but it has ornaments Middle East,"Said Maulana, business owners qahwa. Having impressed with the beauty of Andalusia, Maulana decided to carry the theme of this ornament to qahwa.

The interior of a typical Middle Eastern look of interior paint all painted by hand. One artist is Herru Prayogo, a painter of Yogyakarta. "The main difficulty is the lack of reference to the painter. They come up with other forms of pyramid or the Sphinx, I therefore give some appropriate reference,"Said Maulana. Painting in qahwa also seemed to tell. "My plan will complement the atmosphere with belly dance performances and musical performances typical of the Middle East so that visitors feel is outside London,"He said.

Qahwa itself comes from the Arabic word which means "strong". "Coffee was originally discovered in Ethiopia. At that time there was a shepherd who was surprised that the goat did not sleep for 2 day. Having observed, appears every afternoon ewes consuming coffee beans,"Said Maulana. After being taken to Turkey, the term "qahwa" changed the faint "Qahve". When brought to the Netherlands, renamed to "Coffee". "Qahwa using handmade coffee beans that Arabs can not be found anywhere else. The fabrication method was to use the traditional way, no coffee machine, and relying on a strong spice aroma ".

Middle East Foods
Qahwa present 75% Middle Eastern cuisine and 25% Indonesian and western cuisine. Maulana also has a mission to introduce the Middle East cuisine actual. "When we hear the word we would imagine Kebab food rolled thin bread with meat filling. Whereas in the Middle East food is called Shawarrma,"Maulana County. Some other foods that are a mainstay of "Shaurbat fennel", typical soup Lebanon and "Humus Bil Tahini", pasta kacang Arab. Both are served with hummus bread, Middle East special bread rounded flat for second dicocol into the soup. Unlike the flat bread that is synonymous with the bread in the Middle East and India, hummus bread fluffier and softer texture.

Maulana deliberately chose London because he thinks there is no city in the Middle East restaurant. "I think the potential for London frequented by tourists Middle East, especially during the Arab Season. Community food fans this was not a little, mainly from Jakarta,"Said Maulana. Optimism when many people missed the Middle East and Malaysia, which has not yet been though qahwa grand opening. According to Maulana, crowded restaurant so it must be holding community. "Incidentally, I am active in various communities ranging from the automotive community, photo, Muslim woman from Bandung and government institutions. It became my primary capital to build a network of customers,"He said.
Written by Edwin Pangestu
Photo by Murenk