PT Zeelandia Indonesia: Grand Baking Demo Featuring Master Chef Wichert Visser

Renowned for their market-appropriate products, applicable baking ingredients, new product ideas, technical support and food safety, Zeelandia never stops innovating in developing innovative bakery ingredients, processes and marketing concepts. As a leader in food service industry in the regional market, delivering the high quality products to the consumers complete with the service have always been Zeelandia’s aspiration to help their customers to perform and create top quality products.

As a medium to stay in touch with their loyal customers, on Wednesday (27/2), Zeelandia Indonesia held a Grand Baking Demo featuring a Master Chef from Zeelandia Netherlands, Wiechert Visser. The Grand Baking Demo that was held at Menara Peninsula Hotel, Jakarta, was aimed to introduce their new products and familiarize European bread to their customers regarding to the changing mindset of the middle-up customers relating to the importance of the healthy products.

Lenny Herliyanti, National Sales Manager of Zeelandia Indonesia said that the Grand Baking Demo held as a means for their customers to share their thoughts and ideas to improve their business. “We bring Master Chef Wiechert Visser here to share his knowledge on European bread so that the ranges of the customers’ products increase. The Grand Baking Demo also can be a medium for the customers to converse with the Master Chef Wiechert Visser about European bread and how to apply our products well so that the customers can possess top quality products likewise,” said Lenny.

In this special event, Rahmayadi, Marketing Manager of Zeelandia Indonesia, introduced 5 new products of Zeeelandia and its excellences. The products which are directly imported from the Zeelandia International Netherlands are typical European Bread’s premixes that are easy to be applied which later demonstrated by the Master Chef Wiechert Vissert, they are: 1) Ciabatta mix 10 MZ; 2) Baguette mix 25 MZ; 3) Roggopan mix 20 MZ; 4) Multi Cereal D25; and 5) Sweet Multi Cereal D25. Besides those five products, Yadi also introduced the newest generation of Frutafill, fruit fillings as the flag bearers of tarts, pies, and cakes.

Moreover, Yadi also reintroduced two new Zeelandia Solution Packages to complete a package that has already been known in the market, Vita Bread, namely Enerbooster 22 and Cholowsterol 22. Each package of these three Zeelandia Solution Packages has its own advantage in terms of healthcare. Vita Bread is a bread premix containing high multivitamins and minerals, while Enerbooster is a bread premix useful to increase stamina because it contains Taurine as contained in most of energy drinks, and Cholowsterol is a bread premix, as the name suggests, useful to help cholesterol lowering.

In this Grand Baking Demo which approximately lasted for 5 hours, Master Chef Wiechert Visser, helped by Zeelandia Indonesia’s Chefs demonstrated how to apply the five new products of European Healthy Bread and some creations of those typical European breads, which can be used as an alternative of European-taste bread, but still favored in Indonesia. “The European bread flavor may be less favored by the Indonesian people. However we can add tomatoes, olive, or chili as the topping to give savory taste to the bread,” said Master Chef Wiechert Visser.

Written by Ahmad Fajar, Photo by Hendri Wijaya