Pullman Jakarta The Authentic Asian Cuisines and Desserts

Pullman Jakarta The Authentic Asian Cuisines and Desserts

The Asian Sweet Cakes and Desserts
The pastry products in Pullman Jakarta Indonesia come from the talented young Chef named Tri Setyadi under the strict supervision from Chef Maulana. The Asian sweet cakes and desserts will suit the guests that want to indulge the authentic of high quality Asian sweet cakes and desserts in The Olive Tree Restaurant.


The Pullman Green Tea Cake was a great hit and served in a very authentic way. The aroma of green tea (matcha) comes  from the basic green tea sponge cake that used separate eggs method to bring out the moist texture of the sponge cake. The cake is sandwiching the homemade Japanese sweet red bean paste and mild unsweetened fresh whipped cream. This Green Tea Cake presents the nice balance between of each cake’s elements. Chef Tri Setyadi acclaimed that they used imported green tea powder to have the authentic taste of Japanese green tea. One of The Olive Tree Chinese sweet cake is Red Bean Dumpling with Sesame Seed. It was a fried cake like type with red bean paste as filling. The outer skin is slightly crispy while the inside part was a little bit moist with sweet red bean filling. The sesame seeds giving nice texture and aroma for the dumpling.


Chef Tri Setyadi also presents 3 flavors of homemade Ice Cream. Served in a small cup per flavor and arranged in Japanese style plate with excellent simple décor using tuile (French thin and crispy pastry similar to wafer) and fried mint leaves. The first one was Ogura Ice Cream. It used homemade sweet red bean paste that is blended into the basic ice cream.


The second one was a Plum Sorbet. The refreshing sour taste of plum fruit’s juice that is blended with Japanese plum liquor is paired nicely with the blend of smooth sorbet texture. The last one was Black Sesame Seeds Ice Cream. It has creamy and smooth texture with nice aroma and crispiness of toasted black sesame that giving it the extra texture.

Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59 Jakarta

Written by Dewi Sri Rahayu
Photo by Albertus Dendy Indra