Porta Venezia The Classic Italian Restaurant

Jl. Garnisun Dalam no.8, Karet Semanggi

Ask any Italian food lovers, about the best Italian restaurants in Jakarta. There’s a good chance you will hear “Porta Venezia” in most of their answers. Located in Hotel Aryaduta, The Classic Italian restaurants bring the authentic Italian cuisine to Indonesia, without compromises. “We don’t adjust the taste to Indonesian’s taste and so far it works. Our customers are used to the authentic Italian flavor. Italian people who come here said that our taste is very similar to their mother’s cooking back in Italy,” said Radi Marta Basri, Porta Venezia‘s Restaurant & Banquet Manager.

Pizza is one of the most favorite Italian foods, however, it is usually served with other food such as pasta, meat, and vegetables as main courses. While the traditional Italian spices may vary from each region, especially the North and South, most of the cuisines exhibit frequent use of olive oil. Basil and oregano is often spotted on Italian cuisine, but the use of these spices depend on the availability in the region. True to its nature as the Classic Italian Restaurant, Porta Venezia offers the authentic Italian thin crust pizza. “The popular thick pizza in Indonesia is actually came from America and called Chicago Deep Dish. The authentic Italian pizza is thin and uses flat bread, similar to the Middle East’s Pita Bread,” explained Radi.

The name of the pizzas is usually determined by the protein on them. The most favorite pizzas in Porta Venezia are Pizza Ai Funghi with sliced button mushroom and Pizza Bresaola E Rucola with bresaola and arugula salad. The restaurant also offers 2 unique pizzas, Pizza Quatro Fromagi and Pizza Ai Fruitti Di Mare.

The first one is uses 4 variations of cheese from parmesan, gorgonzola, ricotta and mozzarella. To have the cheese more pronounced, they even don’t put any meat as topping. The latter pizza name, Ai Fruitti Di Mare, is actually means the “fruit of the sea”. The pizza got some seafood as topping such as red snapper, prawn, salmon, and green mussel. To get better pizza taste, Porta Venezia even used the wood oven. It doesn’t matter much about the type of the wood as long as it burns fast because the oven needs to be really hot to get the crispiness of the crust, and it is above 2500 C.

The Doneness of the Steak
If you come to a steak restaurant and the waiter ask about your doneness preference, it is a good sign that you come to the right place to enjoy a dish of steak. In Porta Venezia, you can choose the doneness chart from well done, medium well, medium rare, rare, to the blue rare. They will also ask your choice of potatoes such as gratin, mashed, herbs roasted, French fries to the choice of vegetables and sauces. “It’s the restaurant’s responsibility, they have to offer the doneness chart for steak. It’s part of the steak eating concept. If not how do we differ from, let’s say, fried chicken restaurant?” said Radi.

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Written by Edwin Pangestu
Photo by Murenk