Miki Ojisan No Mise Japanese Healthy Cheesecake

Plaza Indonesia Lt. 3 Jakarta

Only a few companies doubt the power of market survey to raise their business’ success rate. However, some companies dare to ignore this important phase and decide to believe their own business instinct like Apple, and Miki Ojisan No Mise. The Japanese Cheesecake company opened its first outlet in Singapore and had the Indonesians as their most loyal customers. This fact alone is enough for Miki Ojisan No Mise to expand their business to Indonesia as one of Asian’s most potential market for bakery products.

It was all started by Mikihiro Kamiya from Fukui, a small town in Japan. He opened his first outlet in March 1995 under the name Miki Ojisan No Mise, that literally means “Uncle Miki’s Outlet”. Because of the customers’ enthusiasm, Uncle Miki chose one of the most dynamic location in Asia, Singapore’s Orchard Road, as his new target market. In 2003, the inspiring Indonesian customer has led Miki to open his new outlet in Mall Taman Anggrek. Now, Miki Ojisan is available in Summarecon Mall Serpong, Puri Indah Mall, and Plaza Indonesia. It also available in other countries in Asia such as Hongkong and Malaysia.

Healthy Cheesecake
The public’s general assumption is that Cheesecake doesn’t go along well with the word “healthy”. We all know that Cheesecake’s main ingredient , cream cheese, is not really good for your health, especially if you consume too often. Mikihiro realized the opportunity and decided to go against the belief by providing a healthy Japanese Cheesecake.

“American Cheesecake has denser texture and creamier taste while the Japanese one is lighter in taste and has similar texture to sponge cake. You can put Japanese Cheesecake in the healthy category because we got very low sugar content,” explained Sugiyono, Miki Ojisan’s Operational Product Manager who worked in the company’s main kitchen, Summarecon Mall Serpong. Furthermore, Sugiyono claimed that this mild taste is favored by most Indonesians.

Because of being a healthy product doesn’t mean that Miki Ojisan’s presentation has to be boring. In fact, the Japanese company has one of the most interesting final appearance of the Cheesecake. Customers might wonder if the cakes are real, not just another dummy cakes. It is the quality that we can expect from the perfectionist Japanese who are willing to pay attention to minor details. To keep their high standard, Miki Ojisan No Mise always provides the freshly baked Cheesecake, uses the best imported Japanese ingredients, and of course, no preservatives.

To maintain the product’s consistency, it is very crucial to pay attention to two major factors in the process of making the Cheesecake, scaling precision and good equipments. Every step in the making process has to be very precise, from the scaling of ingredients to the appropriate temperature of the oven. Good quality and reliable equipments also contribute major factors in making perfect Japanese Cheesecake.

Unique Flavors
Japanese never makes boring products, therefore, Miki Ojisan No Mise offers three cheesecakes flavors as addition to their original plain Cheesecake, they are green tea, chocolate, and coffee. Miki Ojisan in Indonesia has been granted the freedom to make other pastry products such as cupcake, tart, and cookies, all under the same tight quality control. They even got interesing wedding cakes as well.

Although Miki got some unique toppings, Indonesian’s taste are pretty predictable. “Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake and Tiramisu are the best sellers in Miki Ojisan No Mise”, said Sugiyono. Miki Ojisan No Mise’s original Cheesecake is the best place to start the Japanese Cheesecake adventure. Customers can compare the mild taste with its American counterpart more clearly.

There are many styles of Cheesecake from all around the world and they’re all worth trying. While taste can be very subjective, there are many people who become more concerned about their health. Therefore, Japanese Cheesecake might be the safest option if you want to enjoy a Cheesecake without any guilty feelings. (Edwin)