Four Seasons – Defining The Authentic Croissant

There are some major misconceptions of the term “bakery” and “pastry” in Indonesia. To set things straight, BAKERY MAGAZINE interviewed Rahmat Kusnedi, Four Seasons’ Pastry Chef and also Chairman of Indonesian Pastry Club (IPC).

“It takes a lot of time to correct the wrong perception that has gotten into the people’s mind”, said Rahmat.

In hotel, pastry means a part of the kitchen which provides hot or cold dessert, but pastry literally means cake. “To make it simple, bakery products end in the oven while pastry products end in chiller”, explained Rahmat. Later on, bakery can be divided into 2 categories, Continental and Oriental. Continental bread is the traditional European bread such as Baguette while the oriental bread is known as sweet bread that is more popular in Asia, specially in Indonesia. As opposed to the people’s belief, Danish and croissant are actually belong to the bakery category under the name of “Viennoiserie”.

If we ask the bakery, “Can you show me your Viennoiserie products?” chances are, they don’t know what you mean. As mentioned before that most Indonesians are already Recommended Recommended used to believe that Danish and Croissant are pastry products. “Let’s familiarize ourselves with the original term. Because once the people know something, even if it’s wrong, it would be difficult to change it”, said Rahmat.

The term croissant itself is actually means crab, not crescent like many people believe…….

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