Park Lane Expatriates’ Favorite Dessert

Jalan Casablanca Kav. 19 Jakarta, Indonesia. 021 828 2000

Park Lane Hotel, the business hotel located in South Jakarta known as Casablanca area, is one of the hotels that is frequently visited by European, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and businessmen from overseas. Therefore, to suit the demand of these expatriates, Park Lane offers food that may seem unfamiliar to their local guests such as pie. Every country has its own pie, therefore it is hard to trace the origin of the pie. However, many people assumed that pie came from the western civilization especially European. “America also claimed that pie belong to them as we can see in the teen movies titled American Pie”, said Reni Nurfarida, Park Lane’s Pastry Chef.

Park Lane is one of the hotels in Jakarta that offers interesting line of pie products. Despite of its large number of pie menus, not all of them are displayed in the showcase. If you are a pie fan, do not hesitate to order the menu to see the complete list of Park Lane’s pies. Although pie is not a very popular item in Indonesia, it has been escalating number of local fans that can be promising in the future. “Pie is considered as heavy dessert while most Indonesian prefers light dessert”, said Reni.

Handling the Fruits
Just like many Pastry Chefs, Reni agrees that handling fruit products is generally easier than any other ingredients. But there are some things that should be noted such as the right timing for the process, the glazing that should not be overheated, and the most important thing, the freshness of the fruits. Fruits like apple, orange, and kiwi can be kept for relatively long time. “We have to be more careful with Kiwi because if it is piled then it will be dented caused them to spoil faster”, explain Reni. For its fresh look as garnish, strawberry is recommended to be kept not longer than 2 days in chiller, but if it is to be eaten, 5 days is still okay.

Three years earlier Park Lane has to import some fruits like blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry from either France or Australia. Now, Indonesia can produce those fruits, in addition, according to Reni, the local berries is more delicious. “While Australian raspberry’s taste is rather flat, the local one is tastier with its sour and sweet taste. The taste matches the pie perfectly”, said Reni.

Raspberry is trickier to store compared to the other fruits as it got more water content. Even though it is kept in chiller, the juice will flow continuously out of the fruit and it spoils quicker. Fortunately for the last two years, Park Lane is never having any difficulties in term of supply, except for the blackberry. Of course, we don’t mean the trendy gadget in your hand, but the actual blackberry fruit. Park Lane is supposed to have some blackberry pies, but they are currently short in supply because as a new adopted fruit, the supply is still struggling to be stable.

The Park Lane’s Pies
Blueberry Pie and Mix Fruit Pie are probably more acceptable for Indonesian. Blueberry pie might not as sweet as the local taste’s expectation but it resulted in a nice and rather light taste. Mix Fruit Pie are using many favorite fruits for pie such as kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, orange, and dragon fruit covered in glazing. “We have to be more sensitive with fruit color in the arrangement, especially when using fresh fruits. After all, pastry is not far from art”, said Reni. The light taste of Blueberry Pie and the large number of fruits in Mix Fruit Pie are the perfect starters for those who want to wander deeper in the Park Lane’s pie journey.

The two best-selling pies in Park Lane are the Lemon Tart and Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie. The sour taste of the lemon pie is believed to be able to neutralize the fat that lies in the previously consumed main course. However, the sourness of the lemon might be unacceptable for most Indonesian, therefore, it is more popular to the expatriates, especially the French. On the other hand, the Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie is using the similar dough as cheese cake’s dough with less fillings. The taste of cheese cake covered in fresh strawberries and croquant nougat is as good as its appearance.

Apple Tartine Pie is one of the most peculiar looking pies in Park Lane. The pie is using peeled apples that is dipped in caramel and creates softer overall apple texture. Reni said that the pie is usually eaten with ice cream. Served with cinnamon, you might wonder where is the pie? The answer lies in the bottom of the pie in the form of thin piece of puff pastry. According to Reni, people are having difficulty in telling the difference between pie and puff pastry. “Chicken Curry Pie is actually using puff pastry, but they call it as a pie. But, I personally think that pie is the sugar dough”, explain Reni. The price for the all of the pies mentioned above varies from Rp 26.000 to Rp 440.000.

Just like many high-end hotels, Park Lane uses only fresh fruit to give customers the best possible pie. It is also interesting and useful to know that Indonesia is able to produce the previously imported fruit with better quality. Let see how the progress of this agriculture business, perhaps Indonesia will become the future exporter of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry? Who knows? (Edwin)